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I’m frequently asked about Prism papers so I thought I would put all the information in one place. I’ll add questions and answers after the basic information on the papers. I was a customer for a long time before being on the team for Prism (woo hoo!) and it is a product I truly enjoy.

This info (and other questions that come in) with be at the top of my blog for future reference. I will be adding additional sections for the other Prism products as I use them.

Prism Simply Smooth and Simply Ivory – 80lb cover weight

My choice for work with Copics, colored pencils, stamping inks, ink jet printing.


Prism Prismatics Prismatics – 70lb cover weight

My favorite colored cardstock. 113 colors with a slight eggshell texture on one side and smooth on the other side make it a perfect paper for paper crafters. With the large variety of beautiful colors I can match any color of ink, marker or even patterned paper.

Some Frequently asked questions:

Question – How did you discover Prism paper?

When I was on the Splitcoast Dirty Dozen Design Team a couple years ago I was thrilled to receive a big box from Prism. I think I was hooked before I even used it. The colors were so rich and the texture was just plain yummy.

Question – Why do you like Prism Prismatics better than other cardstocks?

For me it’s the color range, weight (not too bulky so it cuts with scissors easily, yet it’s firm for a card back) and the texture which I love for sponging.

Question – Can you stamp on Prismatics papers? 

You sure can! I do it all the time.

Question – Do I need Simply Smooth if I have Prismatics White?

Yes and no. If you want a nice crisp image and easy Copic marker blending I would go with Simply Smooth. I have used Prismatics White (before Simply Smooth came out) and it can be done, but the results are better with Simply Smooth.

Where to buy Prism papers online:

Hanna Stamps – Prism Simply Smooth White, Prismatics multipacks

A Peek Into Yesterday – Prism Simply Smooth White and Simply Ivory, Prismatics, Prismatics Swatchbooks – Prismatics, Exclusives, Specialty. Will also special order Prism products.



7 responses to “Prism Papers

  1. What an excellent and super informative post! Thank you.

  2. Well that’s just made me all the sicker, (bad grammer I know).
    Can’t get the papers you’re showcasing in the UK, unless I’m missing a trick somewhere! I ‘d LOVE ’em but the S & H is too prohibitive. There’s nothing else for it….I’ll just have to emigrate!
    Viv xxx

  3. StampinCathy

    Thanks for all this info on Prism and where to get it online.

  4. Hey Viv,

    This is Jamie from Prism Papers – we actually have a distributor in the UK – so you should be seeing the papers pop up. I know HobbyCraft? has brought on some of the Prismatics – but if you contact FW Bramwells (that’s the name of the distributor) I bet that they could point you in a better direction!

    Thanks Jeanne, this is a great and very informative post about us! So glad you’re on our team and that you love the paper as well.

  5. Nancy Freeman

    Can we mere mortals (aka NOT on their design team) buy a swatch book like you show in all of your posts?

  6. Nancy you crack me up! Prismatic Swatchbooks are available at A Peek into Yesterday. Here’s the link:

  7. I just love Prism paper. I’ve always worked with Bazzill but now I’m a completley Prism fan, love their colors!

    Thanks for all the info Jeanne:-D


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