Company Spotlight – High Hopes Rubber Stamps!

It’s time for another Company Spotlight!!!

Today I will be talking about High Hopes Rubber Stamps. I have had the pleasure of being part of their Design Team for the last year or so.

I love their images.

High Hopes stamps are wonderfully deep etched red rubber. They can be used for clay as well as paper. They are sold as bare rubber, unmounted with cling foam, or wood mounted. Whimsical and fun designs and a huge catalog of images!

High Hopes has a fun new blog with weekly challenges and High Hopes news. You can find it —> HERE

A little about Tina – Owner of High Hopes:

Tina and her mother co-owned “Tinker’s Inker’s Stamps and Stuff” in Silver Creek, Wa. from 1993-2003. High Hopes began when Tina was presented with the opportunity to purchase “For Me and My House” rubber stamps in May of 2004. She chose the name “High Hopes” for the company as it expressed our faith, and excitement in this new venture. They chose the logo of the Ant carrying the over sized rubber tree plant as we felt it depicted perseverance, and conviction.

Tina is also a Mom to 7 children! Smiley from

I asked Christine Armstrong (Design Team Coordinator and Illustrator for High Hopes) a couple questions like how she got started with High Hopes and where her inspiration comes from. As you’ll see from her response it’s very obvious that Tina (owner of High Hopes) is a wonderful “boss lady”. Smiley from

From Crissy:

I had been stamping for about three months when I joined a stamping
group on Yahoo to make friends with other stampers and learn the
craft from them. Tina, the proprietor of High Hopes Stamps was
already a member. One day on the message board, she posted that she
was looking for an artist who would design stamps for her. The first
time I read it, I thought nothing of it. But the next week, she had
posted it again, and this second time I read it, I felt a nudge from
Heaven and thought, “I could do this”!

I pulled out some of my drawings, scanned them, and sent them to her in an e-mail so she could see that I could
actually draw (heh-heh). She phoned me and we talked for like three hours! We found we had so much in common, and were really excited that we had found each other. I started drawing for her right away and have been drawing
for her ever since. That was March 2005.

Tina already had a huge inventory of stamps that were drawn by the
company’s previous owner, Tony DeMarco, and quite a few that she
herself had drawn. But it was her desire to have only one artist
drawing for the new designs.

Tina truly is the creative genius behind all the stamps. I truly
would not know where to move my pen across the paper if it wasn’t for
her. She comes up with the ideas verbally, and I see them in picture
form in my mind. But if it wasn’t for her imaginative suggestions, I
would have nothing to draw! In that respect (and in many other ways!)
we make a great team. I think I have only come up with a handful of
designs “all on my own”. Every other design has been sparked by an
idea that she has handed to me! Actually, some of the Divas have seeded my imagination too, as
well as customers who make requests. I think the key for me is to be
like a child again, and let my imagination run with the beauty I
connected with back then. I can still can touch that whimsical
beauty now as an adult if I allow myself to. If I start giggling as
I’m drawing, I know I’m in the right place!

Tina is an amazing person, probably one of the most generous
people on the planet, and very much a lover of people. I know that
she has won many customers over just by virtue of the fact that she
makes them all into friends, and draws them in to her heart. It
really is extraordinary, how loving and kind she is and everyone who
meets her or has any sort of contact with her soon sees how true that
is! She has never, in the three years I have worked with her, ever
been critical or negative. Rather, she is positive and encouraging,
always. She’s completely reliable and dependable. And funny! That
woman can make people laugh! Her mind is constantly creating and
coming up with new ideas, which is why the list of fifty images I
started with in 05 has grown to about ninety!! It seems the more I
draw, the more ideas she gets as spin offs of my art. I don’t know
if I’ll ever get the list down to zero at this rate, but hey, that’s
job security for ya! (heh-heh).

I love what I do for Tina and for High Hopes. She stuck with me,
even though the images I did at first were less than stellar. She
believed in me and encouraged me to where I am today. Meeting her
basically changed my daily life and made my dream of becoming a
working artist a reality. But not only did my daily schedule change
because of Tina, but also, because of her moral example, I have
changed on the inside too. I want to make others feel good about
themselves with encouragement and kindness, just like she showers on
me. I will ever be grateful to God for bringing us together!
A fun fact not many know is, we have never been face to face!
Through the magic of modern technology, we have done all our work
together through the internet or by phone. I sure would love to see
her one day and give her the biggest hug!


Here are a couple samples made with High Hopes stamps:

The first one uses Elmer Elephant (a personal favorite!) and Tons of Love.

My next sample uses Christmas Treat.

Now a little about the blog candy…..

Smiley from I have 3 fabulous High Hopes images to give away to someone who comments on this post. I will choose a random winner Monday morning at 8:30 CT. *** Update*** A winner has been chosen!!!!

Psssssss… someone on the High Hopes Design Team also has Blog Candy! Hunt around the girl’s blogs and see if you can find it!

Click HERE for links to the Diva’s blogs.


141 responses to “Company Spotlight – High Hopes Rubber Stamps!

  1. Jeanne,
    I love High Hopes Stamps and Tina is so amazing to order from – I won’t consider getting them from anyone but her directly. Thanks for sharing this info and your creations.

  2. Jeanne,

    Thanks so much for sharing Tina and Chrissy story. God always puts people in the places they need to be! I love your Elmer Elephant card.

  3. A lovely story where it all started. Tina is really an inspiration to us all and how everything has come together. Would love the chance to win any one of these cute images and the cards are super!

  4. Just found your blog. >)) How nice to share the story how it all started with high hopes rubber stamps. I love them. I’m totally in love with the elephant, it’s such a cute image.
    Now I’m going to take a look around your blog. :))


  5. Great spotlight on High Hopes! Yes, Tina is wonderful and I too order directly from her. Why go anywhere else when you’re already dealing with an amazing person. Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful stamps – a girl can never have enough High Hopes stamps. Hugs, Maria

  6. I enjoy learning about different companies and this one is fantastic. Thank you for the story. You do such an excellent job stamping images to showcase what the company offers. Thank you so much.
    Cheryl Sims

  7. Love the images! Your cards are so beautiful. I saved the link to their blog so I can continue to see the wonderful stamps and what you all create with them. Thanks Jeanne. I can see why you are on so many design teams. How do you keep up?

  8. What a beautiful story. It is such a joy having a friend/boss as you do. I have a friend like Tina and I cherish her as well.
    May God bless each drawing/design you sketch. Going to the site now to check it out. Thanks

  9. Hi Jeanne, I found your blog through Katharina’s. I took a browse through and wow … you are very talented. I am a big fan of High Hopes and like Chrissy stated, Tina is a sweet person. She guided me through my first stamp purchases! Thanks for the opportunity to win! Jeanette

  10. Enjoyed the story! The Christmas treat card is so cute! Blessings!

  11. I just love High Hopes stamps. I have never been disappointed when I have bought from Tina. I guess that is why I keep going back for more. It’s so interesting to read about how it all began. Your cards are awesome.


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    Sharon :-)x

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    Those images are adorable!! Thanks for introducing me to a new (to me) stamp company…can’t wait to check them out!!

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  44. how awesome to be a “real” artist! my mom told me I should design stamps, I had to reply HELLO I can’t draw! that’s why I use stamps!! lol – anyway good for you to be able to use all your talents – and GOOD for us to be able to use the stamps!! 😉

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    Great shading on your cards.

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    Great stamps…great stories.

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  67. Elmer is the cutest little elephant I have seen. I love stamps
    with personality and he definitely fits the bill. As for Christmas
    Treat, this one wins my heart, because every Christmas there is a gift under the tree for our dog. She is part of the family after all.
    High Hope Stamps are precious. When you can open an
    envelope and the image brings a smile to your face, you know
    you have a winner.

  68. Thanks for doing the spotlight. I loved it and the images.

  69. This is such a good story! God is so good. I had a business for six years, & God had His hand in it long before I ever started it. It is amazing to look back & see where He was in it from the very start. He is always looking out for those who love Him. Isn’t that just awesome! I love High Hope Stamps, & the story makes them even more special. Thanks for putting this story out there! I hope your day is good!


  70. That elephant card is super cute!

  71. love that synopsis of their lives entwined…God works in mysterious ways, but always works it out for good.
    love that Elephant! Thanks for sharing this info…I know I will go check them out now!

  72. What a fantastic interview, I was hanging on every word.
    I totally agree that High Hopes is fantastic, they have fabulous selection and their service is awesome, even all the way to New Zealand!

  73. Thank you for sharing their story. Always nice to read a little more about the persons behind those great stamps.
    and thank for the great candy.

    Have a nice Sunday,
    xoxo Karin

  74. What a wonderful story. There is no one sweeter to speak to with on the phone than Tina. From the first conversation I felt like we were friends. I adore the HH stamps and an’t possibly have too many of them.

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  77. You sound like two wonderfull persons, and I’m so glad you “found” each other, to create these lovely stamps!

    Ruth 🙂

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    I wish you good luck with your future projects!
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    Have a great day!!

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  87. Michelle H in IL

    I LOVE High Hopes – all of their images are totally adorable!!! My experiences with the company have been incredible. Thanks for the chance to win a few more!

  88. Tina must be a superwoman to run a fabulous business and a home with 7 children.


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    [email protected]

  91. PS – thanks for not using a verification code/window on this blog.

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  106. What a touching story. What an amazing woman Tina sounds like! She is the kind of person I want to be. I love your artwork. I disvovered High Hopes stamps a few month ago–and they are now my favorite stamps ever. You two make a great team! Thanks for all of the wonderful artwork.

  107. Hello Jeanne,

    I love reading your Blog and I love your cards! They are really great..

    My compliments!

    With love from Holland,
    Patricia Rietveld

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    so would love the chance to win these stamps.

    hugs to tina xxx what a great women you are xx

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    Debbie Schubauer

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    Love & Smiles from Germany

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    My hopes are ** high ** in all that can be
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