Lizzie Anne Designs Anniversary Celebration!

It’s 890c55cc-7bbe-4620-98f0-77bb.gif time! LAD Blog Candy Bash

Both Lindsey and I are giving away blog candy . The Lizzie Anne DT girls will be giving away blog candy this week so be sure to check out the Schedule of Events to see who’s offering goodies this week!

The blog candy I’m giving away will be a surprise gift from Lizzie Anne Designs. If you want a chance to win please tell me what your favorite Lizzie Anne set is. My favorite is a toss up… I love both Le Jardin and Jolie’s Fleurs. Way too hard to pick between the two!!!

I’ll be picking my Blog Candy winner Saturday July 12th.

Here’s a Le Jardin card:


♦ Stamps: Le Jardin, Sketched Sentiments – Lizzie Anne Designs

♦ Paper: White, Tawny Light, Black – Prism Papers

♦ Ink: Ranger Distress Black Soot, Antique Linen

♦ Accessories: sponge, Soil Dew Drops, gold brads

Copic markers: R59, E08


167 responses to “Lizzie Anne Designs Anniversary Celebration!

  1. My fave Lizzie Anne set is Shore Thoughts!

  2. Once upon a time is for sure my fav…but then I have a little princess here at home! Beautiful card…I love the shading on that flower, looks so intense!!

  3. Michelle Adams

    In the Treetop! I have been wanting that set since it came out!!! Thanks for the chance to win! ;0)

  4. Too difficult to choose only one!!!! I like Far East.

  5. Those two are my faves as well, but I also like Blissful Blossoms. I need a girl to stamp all these fun things!

  6. Hi,

    My favorite set is Floral Frenzy.

  7. I have just recently been introduced to Lizzie Anne Designs and if I had to pick one from my wishlist, it would have to be Jolies Fleurs.

  8. My favorite is high hellos.

  9. This is stunning!!!

    The only set I have so far is Jolies Fleurs and I love it, but I have alot more on my wishlist that I want to get. Topping that list is Christmas in the City.

  10. This is a touch one – pick one? I am a sucker for flower, snowflake and leaves sets – I must say that Jolies Fleurs has always struck my eye.
    Lovely job on your card – lots of inspiration coming through with the Lizzie Anne Designs Blog Candy Bash – thanks for sharing!
    [email protected]

  11. Le Jardin is my favorite Lizze Anne designs set

  12. I just found Lizzie Anne so I do not have any yet – BUT – an order is on paper with the first 2 sets on my list being the Princess and Out of this World for my grandchildern. Hope I win!

  13. My favorite is definitely Shore Thoughts. The stamps along with the sayings are great.

    Thanks for this chance to win a LAD surprise!

  14. In The Tree Top… been wanting it but waiting for new releases before I order..

  15. I don’t have any Lizzie Anne’s stamps sets (yet!), but i just fall in love with the “Gettin’ Hitched” set… Soooooo charming!

  16. Leslie Caponey

    I can’t wait to get floral frenzy!

  17. What a gorgeous card – I love the layout of it! I’m not very original, my favorite LAD sets are Le Jardin or Jolie’s Fleurs. Thanks for the chance! :o)

  18. Born to be Wild, but only if I had to choose. I love them all. Thanks for the chance to play.

  19. StampinCathy

    Your card is beautiful. I love the layout and the colors. I love all the stamps, so its hard to just pick one. I really like Le Jardin and Jolie’s Fleurs. Thanks for a chance.

  20. I have the wedding set that LAD sells and I just love it. I am at a loss for the name right now, but it has the best just married car ever!

    It’s a good life!
    Terri E.

  21. Jeanne, your card is so elegant! I love that flower and your layout is fabulous!!

  22. I love Jolie’s Fleurs and the fairy I think she is the cutest fairy around.

  23. I don’t have any Lizzie Anne stamps yet either, but there are 3 sets on my birthday wish list: LeJardin, Far East, and In the Meadow. I may not like another year added to my age but I like the the gifts!

  24. I’d have to go with Jolies Fleurs too, Jeanne. Although I’ve had my eye on the princess one for a while……

  25. Love your card! My favorite set is Blissful Blossoms. I just love how cute the flowers are. I have a pretty big list of sets I would like from there though..

  26. I don’t have any sets yet, but I think I would pick Floral Frenzy. Love the card.

  27. My favorite is Once Upon a Time. I just love that castle!

  28. I really like the Jolie’s Fleurs. Love the paisley in there.

  29. Looking online my favorites have to be born to be wild, fairy, and shore thoughts. I am heading over to the LSS today to get some of these stamps!!

  30. It’s Dreaming of Dots or Le Jardin. Can’t decide which one I like the best.

  31. Victoria Smithson

    I’m really starting to like and think I need Far East.

  32. So far, I only have a few of the singles, but, the next one that I am coveting is In The Treetop!

  33. Holy smokes that is a totally gorgeous card Jeanne!! 😀

  34. It’s a toss up between Au Naturale and In the Meadow

  35. Hi Jeanne!
    I love your Le Jardin cards, but I am still loyal to Jolie’s Fleurs. It has been my favorite set ever since it came out 🙂

  36. In the Meadow for sure! Thanks…

  37. “Say it in Script” and “Fairy” have tied with me. I just love the font in the word set and that fairy is just so cute.
    Your card is stunning by the way. Thanks for the chance to play and maybe win.

  38. I really like all the Christmas sets but Merry and Bright is perhaps my fav.

  39. I LOVE Once Upon a Time and so does my little girl. I’ve made so many fun things with this set that I’ve gotten my money’s worth. Your card is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  40. My favorite is floral frenzy. Loved your card!

  41. Starla(star)

    LOVE your card design!! (I think that a CASE is in my future!)
    No Lizzie sets here (as of yet….so here’s crossing my fingers that maybe I’ll get a treat of some!!)

  42. Great card! I love ALL flowers – but on the non-flower side, I like Petite Phrases! I have a lot *pretty* stamps and am trying to get some more ‘fun’ ones and I like the play on words 🙂

  43. Wonderful card! Love the layout for this. My favorite LAD is Jolie’s Fleurs followed by Far East. I love layering the flowers. Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. Born to be Wild is tops on my wishlist these days — but it’s so hard to choose a favorite!

    AWESOME card, by the way! I’m going to have to case those off-the-edge blocks! Terrific!

  45. qcbetty (QC)

    I just received my first set – Petite Phrases – but I can see High Hellos coming to live here too! I love that set!!

  46. Jeanne! This is such a GORGEOUS card! I love the colors, the layout and all the perfect little details!
    My favorite LA stamp set is Le Jolie Fleurs – I bought it because of you!!

  47. I LOVE “Once Upon A Time” its adorable!

  48. I “think” my favorite set is the Christmas in the city! Although I think they are all great, it’s hard to pick just one!

  49. sharon tull

    My favorite set is Shore Thoughts.I love the beach theme!

  50. I love Out of this World – very cute for boys and also Au Naturale. Thanks for the chance to win and for sharing your projects with us!

  51. Linda Patti

    Le Jardin is my favorite set. thanks for offering blog candy! 🙂

  52. Oh goodie! I love blog candy and I love surprises! My favorite Lizzie Anne Designs stamp set is In The Treetop. I really like High Hellos too though!

  53. I like “Blissful Blossoms”. So cute and very versitile.
    – Mandy

  54. Well, I don’t actually own any yet! (Yet being the key word! LOL!) I would say my favorites at the moment are Born to be Wild and Au Natural! That butterfly is stunning!

  55. I love your card! It’s elegant and simple yet bold with that red flower…gorgeous! I absolutely cannot pick just one LAD set as my favorite! My first fabulous set was Jolie Fleurs but my current fav is By the Sea…love that little mermaid!!

  56. My favourite LAD set is Jolie Fleurs. I love all the things you can do with this set!

  57. What an incredibly awesome card!!! Hard to pick a favorite, but I think I would go with Jolies Fleurs.

  58. WOW!! What a stunner of a card!!
    I love the large black mats and the graphic design! BRILLIANT!

    As for a Favorite LA stamp set, I think I would have to say Far East.

  59. That is sort of hard…I like (have) a lot of them. But I guess I use Celebration frames the most. But then after that would be the It’s a party. Those are the ones that see the most ink. 😉

  60. Beautiful card 😉

  61. It’s hard to choose, but I think my favorites are Petite Phrases and Out of This World.

  62. My favorite set is Jolies Fleurs.

  63. My vote goes to Jolies Fleurs! Love it!

  64. I would have to say my fave is in the tree top or far east. Love them both!

  65. I love all the Floral set, but I chose one: Au Naturale.

    Keeping fingers crossed.
    God bless

  66. It’s very hard to choose, but I would say my favorite would be In the Treetop, too cute. Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. So many to choose one, but Floral Frenzy would be right up there

  68. My fav has got to be Jolie Fleurs 🙂

  69. I don’t have any of the sets yet, but I do love your card and the Le Jardin stamp set is very nice. I would hate to have to pick just one!

  70. I love anything floral, but my favorite is Le Jardin. Its just so pretty with the different flowers and designs!

  71. My favorite is Jolies Fleurs.
    Greetings from Belgium, Annelies

  72. That is a very striking card. Just beautiful. My favorite set is In the Treeetops.

  73. Hmmm hard pick, how about in the tree top…Thanks Kathy Hering…

  74. Blissful Blossoms is my favorite set, although Le Jardin is a close second. Your card is lovely. I like the clean lines.

  75. My favorite set that I have is Jolies Fleurs. But I would love to get
    Le Jardin. Thanks!!

  76. It’s so hard to choose just one, but I would have to say that it is : “All Guy”. Preteen and teen (and lets face it: middle-age gamers too!) guys are so hard to make cards for. This set has lots of options! Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy!

  77. Sara (hiinaz)

    I love so many of their sets, but my current favorite is In the Treetop. I’ve seen so many cute cards made with that set.

  78. Well, I guess since I have to pick one, I will say that my all time favorite Lizzie Anne stamp is the little cowboy! 😀 He is just so adorable! I am so excited for the new releases though! I can’t get enough of these fabulous stamps! Thanks so much!

  79. I’d have to pick Jolies Fleurs, since I have it #1 on my wish list! Can’t wait til I get it to play!

  80. Alexis Hilgert

    I think my favorite is Once Upon a Time. I LOVE that one. Or… she has an ocean one too that I love…though I can’t remember the name of it and I can’t get to her site from work to check. Anyways, I don’t have any yet but I have a list with a bunch on it that I want!!!

  81. I also love the “le jardin” set! Happy Anniversary LAD!!!

  82. I am new to LAD and don’t have any yet, but I think Blissful Blossoms is absolutely darling.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Emily A

  83. I like Le Jardin or Dreaming of Dots.

    Cute card.

    Sharla C

  84. Wow, that is a stunningly elegant card! My favorite LAD set is Jolie Fleurs. I also love Far East but don’t own it – yet!

  85. Well I am thinking I like the Le Jardin set now after seeing that beautiful card! Fun to be Floral is a good one but then, aren’t they all???
    Thanks for the chance at some blog candy!

  86. It’s so hard to pick just one, but I really like Shore Thoughts. Thanks for the opportunity to win some awesome LAD treats!

  87. Love the look of this set, it is on my wish list…thanks for this chance at winning it :)!

    [email protected]

  88. WOW Jeanne this is one HANDSOME card! This is now my favorite set for sure!!

  89. Gorgeous card!! Love the simplicity of it, yet it’s also elegant.

    I love LAD stamps!! I think my favorite might be In the Treetops, but I love florals, so Le Jardin is great too! Hard to decide…. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win! 😉

  90. The set I have been eyeing lately is Far East. It is gorgeous!

  91. I don’t own any Lizzie stamps but really like Au Naturale, In The Meadow, Shore Thoughts and Celebration Sayings, plus a lot more. (grin)

    Bev J. (Maxell on SCS)

  92. Annabelle Gonzalez

    once upon a time is definetly my fav, thanks for the chance to win

  93. The first on my wish list is Au Naturale! Thank you for the chance to win! Your card is beautiful!

  94. Once Upon a Time.. or In the Treetop, I can’t decide!! 🙂

  95. Kerry from PA

    My fave is Jolies Fleur but there’s lots of the others that I really like as well.

  96. Very Cute card!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  97. Le Jardin is my favorite anytime set, but Christmas in the City is my favorite seasonal set! TFS! Jeanne

  98. Gosh, that was very hard! I have several favorites including Daisy Dots, Shapes & Stitches, Celebrations Frames, and In the Treetop. It’s like Lay’s Chips, no one can pick just one! LOL Thanks for the chance to win some yummy blog candy.

  99. I think I’d have to go with “Floral Frenzy” as my favorite!

  100. I love Christmas in The City. My favorite image is the wreath on the window… Thanks for sharing that great card with us!

  101. Hi,

    I’d say … oh boy, this is hard…. umm…. Jolies Fleurs! I don’t own any yet (can’t wait to though), but that would be my first, and hopefully I will own one set one day!


  102. …off to look…. Ooo, I really like In the Treetop!!!

  103. I love the set In the Treetop – I love the versatility of it!

  104. Out of this world. It is such a great boy set. LOVE IT!

  105. Hi Jeanne,

    After seeing your card, Le Jardin is my favorite! LOL

    Great card!

  106. Hi Hellos is on my wish list! 🙂
    Thx for the chance towin…and btw, LOVE the way you spell your name ( the correct way! LOL)

  107. It’s so hard to choose just one…. sigh…. I’ll say Jolies Fleurs.

  108. Love, love your card. That was my favorite stamp set too. BUT, my new favorite is “In the Treetop”. I need that set. I’ve seen way too many great cards using that set. Once I get that set my new favorite will be something else. A woman can change her mind, right?

  109. Hi, what a beautiful card did you make, wonderful layout!
    My favourite set… sigh…. hard to choose… Le Jardin.
    But I also like the sentiment sets very very much. And…. and… and… 😉

  110. I like the High Hellos…it is cute and different!

  111. Michelle Ip

    my fave is Jolie’s Fleurs!

  112. I really like L’Amour, it’s not easy to pick one favorite honestly they are all great looking sets

  113. Love your card! Beautiful. My favorite stamp set would be Shore Thoughts. Thanks for a chance to win! Gail

  114. I love them all..but my favorite is Far East. I love the images and the font!! =)

  115. Le Jardin for me, please! Thanks for offering the blog candy! What fun!

  116. I don’t own any Lizzie Anne Designs stamp sets YET, but my two favorites are Far East and Au Naturale… they’re so beautiful!

  117. I luuuuuuv the paisleys in Jolies Fleurs! I just ordered it a few days ago and can hardly wait to receive it!

    Of the LAD sets I already own, my fave is Le Jardin.

  118. I just love Once Upon a Time. it is such fun to color!!

  119. Too cool card Jeanne!!! Love the colors, the layout, the whole package! I don’t have any LAD stamps yet, but Le Jardin is on my list along with Sketched Sentiments. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  120. Love that card!

    No LAD stamps in my stash YET!

    here is my list so far…

    Le Jardin
    Jolies Fleurs
    Dreaming of Dots
    In the Meadow
    High Hellos
    Sketched Sentiments

    uhhh I could go on and on and on and well you know LOL

  121. I don’t have it, but I love In the Meadow. I’ve seen some amazing cards done with it. Thanks for sharing. You have such a way with stamps!

  122. I love the Single stamp Sunflower and the set I like the most is So Swirly. I can’t seem to get enough flourishes lately!

    Thank you!

    ~ Pam

  123. My fav would be All Guy set!

  124. Michelle Benoit

    Daisy Dots is so fun!

  125. One of my favorites is shore thoughts.

  126. I really like au Natural. But I must say, there are many others that are right up there!

  127. Current fave Le Jardin

  128. Shirley Lee

    Love Floral Frenzy or anything with flowers. Great stamps.
    Shirley L.

  129. You’re right, Jeanne. Those two are hard to choose between. But I really love In the Meadow, too.

  130. WOW==This layout ROCKS!! I’ve never ever seen a card with this layout before…hope we see it as a sketch challenge on SCS soon! 😉

    I love these flowers you used, but my favorite L.A. set is Jolies Fleurs.

  131. Well I may have had another favorite….until I saw your card….now, I think that Le Jardin is my favorite. I love the classy style of your colors and the color of the flower made it POP. So, I guess NOW I will have to get this set.

  132. I love Floral Frenzy and Born to be Wild, but to pick one, I’d have to go with Floral Frenzy because I can do many different things with the stamp designs.

  133. Hi! I have a tough time deciding between them all. But if I have to choose – it would have to be Out of this World. I love the fun side of it! My son does too!!! Thanks for offering the blog candy!

    Michele F

  134. I like the samantha alphabet and floral frenzie
    Thanks for the blog candy offers!!
    Liz UT

  135. Would have to be either Once Upon a Time (in honour of my 2 little princesses), or Shapes and Stitches, but if I could colour like you, Le Jardin would surely be a contender! Thanks for sharing your talents…and your blog candy.

  136. I’s really hard to chose but it would have to be Jolies Fleurs. Happy Anniversary.

  137. In the meadow, Far east, In the Treetop? how can I pick just one? Maybe Far East. At least at the moment. It’s like potato chips, you can’t stop at one.

  138. Hi Jeanne,
    It certainly is hard to name one LAD fave, but Shore Thoughts is one of mine!! Thanks for sharing!!

  139. i think this is one of my favorites also Jolie Fleurs.

  140. Hard to choose one, but I think probably the Far East set.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  141. I like alot of Lizzie Anne sets, but the first I’d want is probably Jolies Fleurs, or maybe that single stamp of a fairy!

  142. Shannon Roberts

    I gotta say Heart to Heart. Too cute!!

  143. Karen from Ontario

    I like the set ‘In the Meadow’ although I don’t own it yet. The ‘wish’ list just keeps getting longer.

  144. Gotta be Le Jardin for me…..along with almost all of the others!

  145. I love Jolies Fleurs!

  146. I love Jolies’ Fleurs too. That was my first Lizzie Anne purchase.

  147. So many to choose from, I am loving all the flower sets and Le Jardin is my fav.

  148. I have a few favorites – So Swirly, Dreaming of Dots, Jolies Fleurs, and
    Le Jardin. At least I narrowed it down to just four sets!

  149. I really like Wild Flowers and Jolies Fleurs, these have to be my favorites.

  150. I love In the Treetop – I made a card with it today on my blog 🙂

    So many things you can do with it!

  151. I love Jolie’s Fleurs, I have used this on so many cards.
    Thanks for the chance to win so some blog candy.

  152. Wow… tough choice! I just CAN’T pick one!! lol I guess it’s between “Christmas in the City” and “Au Naturale”. Thanks for giving us the chance to win some CaNdY!!!!

    Debi aka: SassiAngel

  153. OH my gosh that card took my breathe away.. WOW so beautiful.. Now your asking me to pick ONLY 1 Lizzie Anne Stamp set.. REALLY.. OH my gosh why are making this is hard for me.. LOL LOL… Well since I have a little princess of course it has to be Once upon a Time.. I love that set.. its so sweet.. and Out of this World which is perfect for my little men.. TOO much fun 🙂

    HUGS to u darling!

  154. This is a hard one, but I think my favorite is Au Naturale. I am such a lover of outdoors and nature. Thanks, Jeanne for the opportunity to win some Blog Candy.

  155. I love the kids theme stamps that they have. So stinking cute.
    -Molly B

  156. My favorite is….Out of This World. Thanks for a chance to win!

  157. It’s hard to choose one … I think my favorite id Born to be Wild.

  158. I think I have to go with Floral Frenzy. There are so many cute ones. Thanks for entering me in your drawing!

  159. Debbie Fisher

    thank you for a chance to win. This is so hard as I love the florals and so many others. But right now the one that I need to get is In the Treetop.

  160. Beautiful card! You are so awesome!
    My fave set has to be Au Naturale…I don’t have it yet…but it is at the top of my list! I also love the single stamp Latte Cup…it’s the sweetest little cup I’ve ever seen! Thanks for the chance to win!

  161. It has to be Fun To Be Floral. I am just waiting for my LSS to get it back in stock!!

  162. I like in the treetop. i see so much versatility with that set.

  163. My favorite is ‘In the Treetop’. Thanks for the chance to win!

  164. I think I like High Hellos. I haven’t seen one like that anywhere and I think it’s cool! Congrats and thanks for offering the blog candy!

  165. Cathy Green

    Thanks for the chance to win. I love Jolie’s Fleurs, too.

  166. My favorite set is Christmas in the City but my favorite single is Cupcake. Thanks for a chance to win the blog candy!