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New IO Challenge – Clean and Simple!

If you’ve come from Ilina Crouse‘s blog you are in the right place. If not head on over to the  Impression Obsession blog for the start of the hop.

To enter the challenge go to the Impression Obsession blog (all the details are there!). A random challenge card will be selected to showcase on the IO blog AND you can to enter to win a $25 gift certificate to IO just by playing!

My card uses E13667 Dock Silhouette and B13651 Simplify

3.1 Simplify Jeanne_Streiff

 Hop list:

Anna Wight

Dina Kowal

Daniela Dobson

Giovana Smith

Ilina Crouse

Jeanne Streiff <- you are here

Kelli Hull

Kittie Caracciolo 

Laura Fulcher

Vicki Garrett

AA Great Day

3 responses to “Simplify

  1. I think I just might have time to join in this month. Your card is very inspirational Jeanne. Love the silhouette.

  2. Well, bro I have to say again, your theme is one of the best. I tried nearly all minimalist in but none is working like yours. But you are a bit lazy lol, I tried emailed you some months ago about an issue but u didn”t reply me, its okay, I understand because you need sell your services. Glad I finally solved the issue. It seems in the, simplified theme page does not contains the update info, plz check it, this lazy may lead a lot of people miss this awesome theme. Some bugs I want to submit: Simplified theme does not support excerpt function in category, which is a very big issue. Seems u add an update in the new release? Another thing I need to report is your Typist theme, it has a flaw, that is, the menu item custom link does not support # function, I think u know the “# use, and you forgot to add in that theme, while simplified supports it. Don”t be lazy bro, I know you may not rely on these things, jut a hobby, but plz remember, a lot of users may waiting your things, because those are really awesome, the world need u.

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