Concord & 9th and MISTI Blog Hop!

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The My Sweet Petunia team is sharing SNEAK PEEKs of some BRAND NEW  PRODUCTS from Concord & 9th that  will be available  on Sun, 4/9 @ 9am MST. So much fun!

Concord & 9th will be doing a giveaway of the full Concord & 9th release ($129.50 value) + an Original MISTI. To be eligible, the person needs to comment on each persons hop along the way (including C9’s). Winner will be selected by Concord & 9th on 4/10 and notified.
New products available 4/9/17 are:
Many Mandalas BUNDLE (sold together at a discounted price)
Congrats Jeanne_Streiff

I created my background using the Triangle Turnabout stamp. It’s so cool! You position your stamp on the MISTI and stamp your first color, then rotate your paper to add another color (up to 4 times). Or you can skip a step and leave more open areas. I stamped mine with 4 colors.

1st color1 Congrats Jeanne_Streiff

2nd color2 Congrats Jeanne_Streiff

3rd color3 Congrats Jeanne_Streiff

4th color4 Congrats Jeanne_Streiff

I created a splashy watercolor panel (let dry) and stamped my first stamp from the Many Mandalas stamp set. This stamp set comes with a positioning sheet to help you line up all the layers.5 Congrats Jeanne_Streiff

I added another layer.6 Congrats Jeanne_Streiff

Then I added the sentiment (also from the Many Mandalas stamp set). 7 Congrats Jeanne_Streiff

Hop list:

Iliana Myska of My Sweet Petunia
Lydia Fiedler of Understand Blue
Ilina Crouse of Creativity Within
Jeanne Streiff of Inky Paws – you are here!

Maureen Wong of My C.A.S.E. Studies
Ceal Pritchett of Simply Beautiful

Concord & 9th

AA Great Day


217 responses to “Concord & 9th and MISTI Blog Hop!

  1. Love that stamp idea. Great cards. I would think you need a Misti to keep the consistency. I dont have one yet.. maybe one day 🙂

  2. Heather Sudduth

    Love the way you colored the Mandela! Gorgeous!

  3. I love the versatility of these stamp sets. The MISTI is perfect for using with these stamps!

  4. Beautiful card! Loved the idea of the splashy watercolor background and using the mandala as a focal on top of the triangles! TFS!!

  5. I LIke the addition of the MANY MANDALAS to the Triangles Turnabout BG:))

  6. How beautiful…love the extra black border you added.

  7. Fantastic cards! Concord and 9th is amazing.

  8. Claudia Lapos

    Beautiful cards! I love these new stamp sets!

  9. Great card!! Cool color combo!

  10. Love how you combined both sets on one card.

  11. Loving this release. Gorgeous colour combo. MISTI’s are a must have and as for Concord & 9th – causing sleepless nights!! Trend setting company for sure!

  12. Jacqueline Stephens

    Love, Love, Love the card. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Awesome colors! Love both of these fabulous stamp sets! Great sets to use with the MISTI! So many possibilities!

  14. Mary Jo Stewart

    I like your watercolor background. These are great sets.

  15. Love this card. These stamps with the Misti – what a great combination.

  16. Your mandala is beautiful! Loved how you combined both stamp sets together.

  17. Verna Angerhofer

    Such wonderful new stamps and I am so thrilled to see how they are used with the Misti.

  18. Mary Holshouser

    Great combination of two stamp sets.
    Love that triangle stamp – it’s on
    my shopping list. I can see so many
    color combinations.
    thanks for sharing.

  19. I love the combination of the two sets on your card. I also love how you inked the mandala. So fun!

  20. Laura Schollaart

    Love that your combined both stamps together! Fun to see the step by step process.

  21. Daylene Strickland

    I am loving these stamps – the medallion and triangles. Beautiful cards!

  22. I love the mandala set. The acetate positioning sheet is a genius.

  23. Love that splashy mandala … and the colors on your triangles are so fun.

  24. Great cards! That triangle set looks to fun.

  25. Jill L Ferguson

    The Triangle Turnabout background stamp is amazing!! Concord & 9th are so innovative. The acetate panel for lining up the Mandala stamp is such an awesome idea.

  26. i love the ‘watercolour’ mandala card….you make it look effortless.

  27. I love your colorful design 🙂

  28. Stunning cards – loving these new stamps:)

  29. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOOOOVE how you combined these sets together, Jeanne! SUCH AMAZING DESIGNS to work with & of course, using the MISTI!!! 😉

  30. Beautiful card! Thank you for showing how the Mandela and Tiangle Turnabout stamp sets can be used together!

  31. Pretty card and love the stamps.

  32. Loved your card! I like the background you did your Mandela’s on. I am loving these new stamps. Nice work!

  33. Fantastic project! Love the scribbly look!

  34. Love your card and use of the new stamps-Misti works great

  35. Beautiful work! Love how you’ve used the gorgeous new supplies!!!

  36. Carolyne Thrasher

    I would not have thought to use the mandala that way!

  37. What a wonderful card! I like the idea of creating a water color piece and then using the positioning sheet to find the best spot to stamp the mandala.

  38. Jeanne, your cards are amazing as well! I love all of these stamps, they look to be so versatile that the ideas would be endless! (I can already think of a few and that is just from what I have seen here!) TFS!

  39. Love the background on the mandalas card. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards.

  40. Thanks for showing how to use both stamp sets together! Very creative. They are so different, but look great together.

  41. Charmaine Stack

    It was great to see the triangles at each step of the process. What a versatile stamp!

  42. Rita McGregor

    Count me in! These stamps are so innovative! 🙂

  43. These are such awesome stamps and they look really great together. TY!

  44. That triangle stamp set is so stunning! Thanks for your photos… your cards are beautiful and concord&9th is my favorite… with the misti.

  45. Your cards are lovely! This is a great stamp set too!

  46. Cynthia Darlington

    Love what you have done with these sets.

  47. Nice combination of the two stamp sets ! Can’t wait tomorrow !

  48. What great cards!

  49. The MISTI is perfect for these Concord & 9th stamps. I learned you can create almost any size Mandala, perfect for any card. The Triangle turnabout stamp is so cool, I love your color combinations and your mandala is gorgeous.

  50. The triangle background stamp looks amazing!

  51. The background on your mandala stamps is really vibrant and fun. What a cool stamp set and beautiful card to show it off!

  52. Beautiful card! These new stamps are so awesome.

  53. wonderful card!!

  54. i love the “messy” mandala!!

  55. Great card. I love how you used both these new stamps together and I love the colours.

  56. Thanks for using the Misti creative corners with your stamps. Gave me some more ideas how to use those. Great use of color and tone to bring emphasis to the mandala!

  57. Absolutely wonderful cards! I love the triangle stamp as much as the mandalas now I’m this far through the blog hop.. You’ve all convinced me I need it! ☺️☺️

  58. Would never have thought to combine both sets of stamps, but you did a wonderful job. Love your splashy watercolor panel – great colors.

  59. Beautiful designs for both sets of stamps. I like your unusual color combinations. Thank you for also including the creative corners. The more times I see a product used, the more comfortable I feel about using them myself, and springboarding to new ideas!! Thank you.

  60. Yvonne Whittington

    I love how you combined the two!

  61. Awesome release. Talented designers. Wonderful stamps. I’m definitely going to be a customer.

  62. Love the creative way you have used the stamp sets to create your card Especially your unique background

  63. These are great stamp sets! Your designs are lovely!

  64. love how you used the two stamp sets together!

  65. Karen Goodfellow

    very clever!

  66. Jennifer Mitten

    I love that you combined these two sets together. Your cards are fabulous!

  67. Michele Slater

    Love the turnaround triangle stamp!

  68. Love how you combined the two stamp sets. Thanks for the inspiration!

  69. I love how you stamped your mandala on a watercolor background! So beautiful!

  70. Janice Patterson

    I can’t live without my Misti. And there’s always something to learn from you designers!!

  71. Love how you showed combining the two new sets – so creative! These are beautiful together and as separate card ideas! Thank you for the inspiration.

  72. love how you used them both together and the spattering!!!

  73. El Difani Ivens

    Gorgeous card. That is beautiful. Thanks for participating in this blog and inspiring us.

  74. Tara Stephenson

    Love your use of color and putting the two stamps together just perfect.

  75. That mandala looks great on the watercolored splashy background! I’ve got everything I’m seeing on my wishlist. Love this release

  76. Great stamp sets and beautiful cards!!!!

  77. Just beautiful! Love the watercolor background on the mandala!

  78. Love how you colored the mandala stamp. Then you combined with the fun triangles. Beautiful!!

  79. Combining the mandala with the background how clever AND cute!

  80. Pretty card! LOVE these new stamps.

  81. I didn’t think the triangles would be for me, but after enjoying this blog hop, I am having second thoughts. No third thoughts necessary!

  82. Your card is wonderful! The new triangle background and mandala stamps from Concord and 9th are amazing, and really shows off the Misti! Their products are always so clever and unique! Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. Great card! I don’t think I would have ever thought to put these two sets together but it looks great!

  84. Love how you combined the two new sets together. Your choice of colors worked well together. TY

  85. The watercolor idea is great. So many way to use these two sets, thanks for sharing.

  86. So beautiful and so creative.

  87. Lovely card combining these fun sets. Love the Triangle Turnabout stamp set.

  88. Beautiful colors! I love that Triangle stamp!!

  89. I love the look of the watercolor background! Gorgeous cards

  90. Love the step by step visual here. Awesome card!

  91. Nice! The Mandala is my favorite.

  92. Icredible release! Love the Mandalas!

  93. Laura Johnston

    I love the turnabout background stamp & color use in this card!

  94. I think your cards are beautiful! Great colors!

  95. I love the stamps in this release and your watercolor splash!

  96. This new release is amazing! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think I love the triangle background stamp the most. It’s so versatile and will be in style for years to come! Way to go, Concord and 9th!

  97. Anita Judson Harkavy

    I love the vibrant splashy watercolors used for the mandalas and dies used to cut it. So fun!

  98. sandie carter

    Both great new sets. I am really impressed with how easy it is to use the triangle turnabout stamp but I still love the mandala set just that little bit more.

  99. sandie carter

    Both great new sets. I am really impressed with how easy it is to use the triangle turnabout stamp but I still love the mandala set just that little bit more.

  100. I love how you combined the two sets. Very clever!

  101. Love that you used both the triangle stamp and the mandalas together!

  102. Gilda (McStamper)

    What a beautiful card. Thanks for the info on your stamping with the MISTI.

  103. Thanks for the photo tutorial. Love the triangle stamp (and Misti)

  104. The colour combo on the triangle background is so soft and dreamy, Jeanne … and what a brilliant idea to use a smooshy, splashy watercolour panel for the mandala … the crisp black outlines are fabulous against it! Anita 🙂

  105. I love the color combo and cant wait to try that out!

  106. These new Concord & 9th stamps are awesome. Love your watercolour mandala

  107. Beautiful card. I love you use and mix of colors. Gives it an artistic feel. Thanks for sharing.

  108. Mary ann kelly

    2 great stamps and a colorful background….love it.

  109. Miriam Prantner

    This background is so cool! I love the colors you chose for it too!

  110. It is super cool the way you used both stamp sets on the one card.

  111. Love the last card! Great colors and dimension!

  112. Great idea to combine the two stamps! Beautiful card! The addition of a few touches of black is great.

  113. Fabulous card! Love the Triangle Turnabout set!

  114. Your cards are so pretty!!

  115. How fun this looks with the Misti. Really pretty cards.

  116. Thanks for showing the layers separately, really shows the options of this beautiful stamp set. And I just love the idea of special Misti stamps-so clever! Your card is very seeet with the splashy mandala on top.

  117. Peggy mccullar

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful cards and technique! Definitely will take this with me on my stamping journey! Those mandalas are gorgeous!

  118. These are lovely! Thanks for the triangle demonstration!

  119. Endless ideas for using these stamps. I love the entire release.

  120. Lorraine Buttner

    Concord & 9th has really put a lot of thought into designing these stamps, and what you and the other team members have created with them are just amazing!

  121. Beautiful release and I LOVE your card!

  122. Claudette J Pomroy

    Such nice sets – I can’t wait to own these!

  123. I like how you made the splashy background for your mandala and then echoed it on the background.

  124. These new triangle stamps look like so much fun. A great way to play with pattern and color.

  125. Barb macaskill

    Ooooooooo! I am over the 🌙 with delight at these new stamps! So innovative and fun! Can’t wait to get my hands on them! The possibilities are limitless with these!
    I ❤️ your cards! Especially the watercolored mandala! Yummy! 🤞 🤞 🤞TFS!

  126. Can’t wait to play with aril the newbies

  127. Pamela Landers

    Looking good!

  128. Naomi Steinruck

    Thanks for awesome demonstration of these new stamps. Love the colors you used in both the triangle and the mandala.

  129. I love how you used both the triangles and the mandala together. These Concord and 9th products are so unique and innovative. I love how they are desined for the MISTI. Definitely a match made in heaven!

  130. I love that you’ve combined both sets in one card. Let’s face it, MORE is more!! These stamps are wonderful and so innovative.

  131. Swooning over your gorgeous card that combines both these fabulous new releases! Thank you for the ‘how to’ tutorial! I’ve learned these sets compliment one another beautifully!

  132. Beautiful card. I love these stamps!

  133. Patricia DeLuca

    Great combination of two inventive stamps. Love your color technique on the mandala. Concord & 9th always pleases. You showed another interesting look for these stamps. Thank-you

  134. Very nice card, liked that you used the 2 together

  135. Beautiful combo of both stamps! Thanks for sharing!

  136. love you work and the misty

  137. Thanks for sharing your card!

    Both of these stamps were clearly well thought out and planned… and they work so well with the Misti. Really nice to see this mixture of innovation and beauty in a stamp. Well done Concord & 9th!

  138. Love the unique color combination you chose!

  139. Liz mcallister

    What super clever new products. Thanks for,the chance to win. I have a group of my daughters teenage friends that come to play with my craftbsupplies and another misti would be most welcome!

  140. Janet K Lamkin

    Love your cards–the water coloring is amazing! Love how they work with the Misti.

  141. I love how you put both new awesome stamp sets together to make one beautiful card! The splashy watercolor with the Mandala on top was gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the Misti love!

  142. I like how you used both sets in one, and that is such a unique look with the watercoloring mandala.

  143. Melissa Friedrich

    LOVE the Spring-like color combo for the triangle background and the loose watercoloring of the Mandala, beautiful card!

  144. L O V E, Love, love your beautiful cards! They really showcase this fun collaboration of Concord & 9th and The Misti. Thanks for the inspiration!

  145. So fun to see the sets combined in one card! I love the colors you’ve used for the background! And the interest on mandala those splatters add is so fun!

  146. new stamps + MISTI = awesome

  147. These sets are great on their own, but I love how you’ve combined them!

  148. Such great stamps!

  149. Jeanne you never cease to amaze me! Who would have ever thought to combine the two sets to make one card. . . that was fabulous. Your watercolor technique on the Mandala is gorgeous and really pops on the Triangle Turnabout pattern. You just inspired lots of ideas for me with your card. Can’t wait to start creating. Thank you for your inspiration.

  150. Denise MacRae

    Beautiful stamps and cards!

  151. Thank you for showing us how to incorporate both of these great stamps together!

  152. Very fun card! Thanks for showing how to combine the two sets (my top faves from this release).

  153. Love your card and the great stamps!

  154. Now I’m drooling for so many new products. You, enabler, you!

  155. Carla Hundley

    Beautiful cards
    and awesome
    stamps! I love
    the Triangle
    Turnabout stamp.
    Carla from Utah

  156. Oh, o love how you paired the triangles with the medallions! Pretty colors!

  157. Cindy Reynoso

    Love your cards! Love the Triangle turnabout!

  158. So pretty! These new stamps are fantastic!! Thanks for sharing.

  159. Wonderful stamps with great creativity. Excellent instructions too. Thanks for showing us how!

  160. Very pretty! I really, really want the triangle turnabout stamp!

  161. Beautiful card– anxious to try that triangle turnabout stamp! Also I liked your splashy watercolor background for the mandalas!

  162. Phyllis Freese

    These new stamps are so awesome, especially when used together. The triangle turnabout stamp is really unique.

  163. OOOOOOOOOO the ideas using that triangle turnabout stamp..WOW !! ! !
    Jean McGee

  164. Very unique stamps.

  165. Catherine Gray

    Wow, love the way you combined the 2 stamp sets. Looks beautiful!

  166. Love the use of them both in one card!! Very pretty!!

  167. Meghan Peterson

    This triangle stamp was made for the MISTI! Love the warm rich colors you used in your background and when watercoloring the mandala. Such a beautiful card!

  168. Fabulous. I like the colors and how you combined these two sets.

  169. I would never have thought to combine these two stamps together. It really works well.

  170. Absolutely breathtaking mandala card, loving the colors and how fun is the triangle stamp and the versatility? Wow, love them all

  171. fun card and great the way you combined the stamps for one card.

  172. I ordered both sets today! I love what u made!

  173. Bobbi Ann Day

    Both so very pretty!

  174. Cindy Daversa

    Woooow… beautiful! These stamps are so amazing!

  175. Love the great ideas for these stamps!

  176. Beth Karschnick

    Hey Jeanne, this is SO COOL how you put the mandala on the triangle panel!! I LOVE your color palette and especially LOVE the color splashed on your card stock for your mandala!! VERY NICE!!!

  177. Thanks for sharing your card and how you created it.

  178. Great card! Love these stamps and the orange is so pretty! Love how you created the mandala piece. Great job!

  179. Wonderful card showcasing both stamps together!

  180. Wow, the Mandala die cut on top of your triangle turnabout background is so special! Another great idea! Thank you for sharing!

  181. Nice card! I love that new Triangle background stamp. So many possibilities!

  182. Denise M Freeman

    Beautiful and Fun! Thanks, Denise

  183. Nice! I would’ve never thought to combine those two stamp sets.

  184. WOWZER, Jeanne, you created a beautiful two-for-one card with the Triangle Turnabout and Mandala! Combining them looks awesome. These new items are a perfect match for the MISTI and can’t wait to get my hands on them.

  185. So unique putting both of those stamps together. I love it. What a great concept.

  186. Christine Szekeres

    I love your mandala card and enjoyed all the pictures and video you shared with us!

  187. Thanks for showing so many different possibilities with these new stamps! Love your cards.

  188. A triangle stamp is must have😄

  189. Thank you so much to Concord and 9th and My Sweet Petunia for such an incredible giveaway!! Loved all that inky goodness on your mandala card!!

  190. Delightful card, Jeanne. So fun to see you use the stamps in your MISTI! The Triangle Turnabout Background Stamp is so innovative! 🙂

  191. Triangle Turnabout is fantastic! Lovely mandala too

  192. Annika-Matred Rajaleid

    Both stamps are GREAT! I can’t wait, when i can these use. It’s so wonderful to play with these stamps 🙂

  193. So pretty…love the cards

  194. Denise Kasbohm

    Wow So cool how you made that Mandala card look!!

  195. Beautiful cards!

  196. Love the MISTI and love Concord & 9th for this Release!!!!

  197. So pretty ! Combining both set adds lots of interest…would not have thought to do this…thanks for the idea!

  198. How to chose. No it’s impossible. I must have it all. Great release from a great company.

  199. I love your watercolored mandala! Very creative!

  200. What a fun way to combine these two awesome stamp sets.

  201. I like the combination of geometric and Mandala!

  202. I love this card. These new stamps are amazing!

  203. I like that you combined the background stamp with the mandala stamp. nice card

  204. Just when you think the MISTI can’t do anything else ….. WOW. This release from Concord & 9th is amazing. Loved the combination on the card. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

  205. I love the colors!

  206. Such great creative stamps. The Misti has been a wonderful tool and I realyy enjoy seeing all the things it makes possible Thanks for sharing your view.

  207. Amazing! I still can’t get over the engineering that went into the triangle stamp! I don’t know how they did it… but I’m glad they did!!! Your background is beautiful and the mandala is too! If they had a bigger release, we’d all be broke! LOL

  208. Great ideas, loving all the creative options & new stamps as well as the favorite Misti!

  209. Can’t wait to try this stamp!

  210. Wow I just love their designs. Great cards

  211. I am in love with these! Such fabulous cards and products.

  212. Your cards are so inspiring and I love this new stamps.

  213. Gorgeous card. I love the triangle background!

  214. Beautiful card, Love the design. TFS

  215. I love the designs and colors used in your cards! I can tell I am going to need to get this stamp and soon! And the Misti is already my favorite item in my Scrapbooking room!

  216. FABULOUS tutorial how to create this fabulous card. Love that triangle background and the mandala.

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