Power Poppy & My Sweet Petunia Blog Hop and GIVEAWAY!


The My Sweet Petunia team is hopping with Power Poppy today!

Leave a comment on each stop on the blog hop for a chance to win a MISTI (winner’s choice of an Original or a Mini) from My Sweet Petunia or the Power Poppy Giveaway – TWO $25 Gift Certificates!

The MISTI winner will be announced on the My Sweet Petunia Blog on April 14th. The Power Poppy winner will be announced at the Power Poppy Blog.

My project uses the Short Stack set from Power Poppy and my Mini MISTI  and Creative Corners.Sip Jeanne_Streiff

I stamped the sweet image in with black ink with my Mini MISTI. Make sure and leave your stamp in your MISTI….Sip 1 Jeanne_Streiff

I watercolored my image (yep… in the MISTI. Great for in your lap while on the sofa) and then restamped after my paper was dry for a nice crisp outline. Sip 2 Jeanne_Streiff

 I created my border by masking the center and sponging on inks and then splattering with water. Sip 3 Jeanne_Streiff

Hop List:

AA Great Day

153 responses to “Power Poppy & My Sweet Petunia Blog Hop and GIVEAWAY!

  1. I never tried leaving my paper in the misti while coloring, but the corners allow for centering which will make it much easier. Thanks for the tip

  2. YEAH! I’ve been trying to get here for about thirty minutes—links weren’t working! But it was worth the wait! I adore this creation-plan to “case” this one!

  3. What a darling card! Love how you colored the sweet image and I am really loving your border! 🙂

  4. Beautiful! Love how you created the border and the choice of colors.

  5. Beverly Sizemore

    Cute card, Jeanne! Love how you created the border around your stamped image….Will have to try that! Also good tip on leaving image in the MISTI to color….making it a “lap-board.” 😉 Thanks for sharing your work.

  6. Love your beautiful card. Would love to win the Misti !

  7. Oh no …. birds! Love your card Jeanne … and love your ink border too.

  8. I love everything about your card!! Beautiful!

  9. Great tip!! Thanks!!

  10. Wonderful card, I love how your created the boarder!

  11. super stick chick

    Beautiful work, love this stamp set and your wonderful coloring.

  12. Great card, and I love your border!

  13. Oh this is SO cute! And I love this overstamping that can be done only with the MISTI

  14. Love this image and you colored it so beautifully!! And your water color frame is fabulous, thank you for the tip about using the MISTI for coloring your images and then, re stamp them for a crisper look.
    Beautiful card.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  15. Mary Schreiber

    Beautiful card! I love my MISTI, it sure helps to get things straight. Thanks

  16. Aww, love the little budgie in your card.

  17. Cute card. Great coloring!

  18. Arianna Barbara

    Such adorable card!!!

  19. Cute card! Love the idea to mask the center object and sponge around it. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Super card! This is one of my fav. PP images! Re-stamping after water-coloring is a great idea! Misti to the rescue.

  21. Love the border and that bird is so cute!

  22. tto cute…love the bird on the teachups!!!

  23. Deborah Kerns

    She’s cute I had to order the stamp I raised 9 parakeets from eggs and had to have this adorable stamp. Love what you did with it!

  24. El Difani Ivens

    Very cute card. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  25. Love the card! That set is one of my favorites. I never thought that I could take the Misti with me and color on it. Great tip!

  26. I love your technique. I’ve often wanted to stamp again, but not a chance doing it by eye!

  27. I love this set and your card is amazing, love the colors and that bird is just perfect.

  28. I love how you did the border! Great idea!!! Love the card too!

  29. I have this stamp and would never have thought of this technique…or color combo. LOVE your creation!

  30. gorgeous

  31. Fabulous card, love all the bits of watercolor and doodling that add such fabulous layer and textural elements.

  32. Natalie Godfrey

    WOW! Awesome job on your card. Love the boarder.

  33. the work is beautiful and I would love a misty.

  34. Beautiful artwork! It’s nice to see how the Misti corners work!

  35. rovianne thorpe

    Oh this is really awesome.

  36. I really like this — the tea cups and the little bird.

  37. the idea of using the MISTI as a type of easel is making me really hopeful i win this giveaway! i’ve just taken up watercoloring stamped images, and this would be an excellent addition.

  38. Nancy Tuttens

    Love the MISTI tool. Your card is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  39. Sandra Colebank

    I love your card. So pretty.

  40. Farrow Mascoe

    I love anything with birds these days and this is no exception! So adorable.

  41. Kathy J in Ellicott City

    Beautiful Card!

  42. Fun card.

  43. Such a beautiful card. The border was an especially nice touch.

  44. Oh I just love your card! The stamped image is too cute and the speckled border is the perfect finishing touch 🙂 I’m definitely adding this stamp to my wishlist.

  45. How clever of you to restamp after watercoloring. The MISTI makes it all possible! Thanks for sharing.

  46. Love this! I used to have a blue budgie just like this little guy!

  47. Gilda (McStamper)

    Love the cups stamp and your card is beautiful. Thanks for the tip about

  48. I cannot live without my MISTI. But, i sure would like the mini size! Your card was wonderful and so well designed. I appreciate your work and inspiration.

  49. Beautiful card. Sweet stamped image and love your distressed background. Thanks for sharing your how to with the Misti. I don’t have one yet so would love to win one.

  50. Love how you did the borders!

  51. Such a sweet card! I thought the border was made from patterned paper – it’s lovely!

  52. Love the blue framing you’ve created!

  53. I would never have thought to colour the image while it was still in the MISTI!!! OMG >>>Mind Blown<<< Not to mention the masking to create the border – such a fantastic idea and it looks amazing!

  54. This is amazing Jeanne, the cups are beautifully coloured. A great card!

  55. I love how you made this one-layer card!

  56. Love this card with your pretty watercoloring and that adorable stamp! Great tip of doing the watercoloring and then re-stamping! Another great MISTI tip!

  57. Great tip on leaving image in while coloring and re-stamping to create outline. Fun card too!

  58. A really sweet card Jeanne, great colouring and a lovely border to frame it – super tip too.

  59. Janet Ingraham

    One of my very favorite stamps. I had a very sweet parakeet that color for 12 years. Beautiful colors.

  60. Such a sweet card! The colouring is beautiful and the blue border really makes it pop. That bird is so cute.

  61. What a STUNNING card, really stunning !! I just thought the colors in this card were so beautiful and I love this stamp, whoever you end up sending this card too will be one lucky person for sure, Thank you for sharing this with us.

  62. This is beautiful! Love the image and pretty colors.

  63. I just love the colouring you did on this card, the background is so important to make the stamped image stand out!

  64. Dianne Cameron

    Thanks for sharing this pretty card. Love the idea for the border! Never thought of leaving my image in the MISTI to color – I’ll have to try that.

  65. Love your card especially the colors!

  66. This is gorgeous! Love the image and colors.

  67. I just got my creative corners yesterday and I am so excited to give this a try. Love how you re stamped the image after coloring.

  68. Gorgeous card Jeanne.
    I love the idea of restamping to have a crisper image.

  69. What a creative border.

  70. What a beautiful card. Love those blue colors and how they tie in with the birdie. Lovely.

  71. Angelique Vela

    I love that stamp. I’m going to have to go get it, now. It’s the parakeet!

  72. Mary Holshouser

    Love this.
    The blue bird is so pretty and
    the idea of him sitting on the
    stack of cups is fun.
    thanks for sharing.

  73. I adore this set and have used it many times! LOVE your card! Beautiful colors and coloring!

  74. Jennifer Lewis

    OMG! this is too cute and i love your Distress Ink BG!

  75. I love this stamp image and the way you’ve coloured it is beautiful. Great idea how you drew the border.

  76. VERY SWEET! I LOOOVE the colors you’ve used the background paper you’ve created too!!! QUITE EYE-CATCHING! 😉

  77. Jus delightful:)

  78. Beautiful image and work…..love, love love!

  79. Wow, this came out so beautiful. I am partial to birds and you have colored this one very nicely. Thanks for the tip of restamping, I never would think of doing that but apparently it works nicely. Thanks for sharing! 🌸

  80. Oh Happy Day! I would love to win a Misti! 🙂

  81. Beautiful card!

  82. Carol Rossouw

    What a lovely card! And such a clever idea with that border xx

  83. Beautiful card. Loved the border tip.

  84. I can see this stamp coming to me soon. I grew up with a parakeet named Joey, who was this color. he loved to play in the kitchen with his toys, yes he did have toys, he would pick them up and drop them off the side of the table and turn his head until he heard them hit the floor, then he would go back for another and do it again and again

  85. WOW, never thought about re-stamping the image AFTER I was done coloring and love how you masked off for your awesome border..
    truly love this..

  86. Charmaine Blue

    Cool techniques. I love how the blue border. I t makes the image stand out even more.

  87. What a cute card and clever techniques. I’ll have to try coloring and masking while still in the MISTI.

  88. Super cute card!

  89. Love cups stamp! And the way you made this gorgeous card!

  90. What a cute card! Love the stamp!

  91. Suzanne seabrook

    Loving all the wonderful ideas on stamping and coloring. Love your card and how you did the background

  92. Carolyn Carter

    Wow, your card is just so cute! I love your tip about leaving your piece in the MISTI and coloring it and then re-stamp it, how smart is that?

  93. Rosa M. Vasquez

    Great card! What a neat frame you made!

  94. This is such a lovely image and coloured beautifully. The restamping tip is great I wonder if it works when colouring with pencil…might have to give it a go. Gorgeous card.

  95. Carla Hundley

    So lovely looking
    and great stamping.
    Carla from Utah

  96. Brenda Lilley

    Such a sweet card! Loving that beautiful blue background! Your little bird reminds me so much of my childhood parakeet “Petie Bird” – wonderful memories! Thanks so very much for sharing!

  97. wow…what a great idea to restamp after coloring…I am going to have to do that…thanks for sharing! I would so love to win either prize!
    the PaperTemptress

  98. Gorgeous image and I love your border.

  99. Jeanne, TFS! Love the little budgie too. “I watercolored my image (yep… in the MISTI. Great for in your lap while on the sofa) and then restamped after my paper was dry for a nice crisp outline. ” Another new tip for me to glean! I don’t have a MISTI but still good info to use soon I hope 😉
    Love the tea cups, such a sweet stamp.
    XO April

  100. Jenny colacicco

    I love that image and you colored it so beautifully.

  101. Thank you for sharing your lovely card!

  102. I love that stamp set, and I love how you colored it. Great idea to use the MISTI for in your lap watercoloring, or any other coloring, then be able to
    restamp for the crisp lines. Perfect.

  103. Such a cute card, thanks for sharing

  104. Linnea Sundstrom

    great tip! and luv his card!

  105. I have that stamp but it has never looked as pretty as yours!

  106. Love the border, Jeanne!
    Will be trying it!
    Beautiful details.

  107. This is such an adorable card and image.
    I soo love it.

  108. Beautiful and I love your tip about restamping after you watercolored.

  109. So cute. I like your watercoloring and the background.

  110. I have this stamp and I am gonna try this. Thanks for sharing!

  111. Teresa Godines

    Very sweet card. TFS

  112. every detail of this card is so beautiful!

  113. Such a spectacular card. Everything is just happy and vibrant! Thanks for sharing with us.

  114. Love the coloring and like the outline stamping once it is colored!

  115. Kristine Boydstun

    Love this teacup set, and your card is gorgeous!

  116. Excellent watercoloring, and I appreciate seeing the overstamping technique to sharpen the outlines!
    Lynn Mathers

  117. LOVE this! It will be my next stamp set for Coffee Loving Cardmakers hop! Thanks for the inspiration!

  118. Kathy R Galloway

    Another beautiful card and a simple technique. Thank you for sharing!

  119. Catrinel Wright

    What a pretty card, great idea about painting the border yourself!

  120. Fabulous card. What a good idea to keep the card in the misti for colouring and then sharpen up the stamping. Thanks for the great tips

  121. I love the way you did the border on the card. I would never have thought to do that. Another wonderful idea for my card making arsenal. Thank you!

  122. This stamp is adorable and you did a great job with coloring it!!!

  123. I love this one! The coloring and the background are just perfect. I really like the idea of stamping once and being able to color and then stamping over again. Hmmm, I think I need a MISTI. LOL

  124. Thanks for being part of the blog hop. Your card is adorable. I must confess I would have never thought to restamp the image after I was done coloring it. But, it’s a fabulous idea to use with the stamp tool .

  125. Love these sweet birds & your awesome coloring!!

  126. Liz mcallister

    These power poppy designs are so detailed and just wonderful!

  127. I adore this image and restamping ove it after watercolouring would be fabulous! I sometimes risk the end of a marker to rehighlight edges lost by watercolouring over them, but a Misti would solve this!

  128. Cute card! Love the colors!

  129. Love your card (and that stamp). Thanks for sharing.

  130. Your card is lovely! Love the bird and teacups. <3

  131. Denise M Freeman

    Nice job! Thanks, Denise

  132. what a great tip to leave your card in the MISTI to watercolor! Will be using that this summer when sitting in the back yard, enjoying the sun 🙂
    Love the colors you chose for the stamp.
    Lu C

  133. Talitha Wright

    Great way to create a border. Really pretty card.

  134. Love this stamp I love birds so this ones a winner in fact I have a blue bird like the one on stamp. Great good!

  135. A charming, creative card with the DIY border and soft blue color scheme.

  136. Your card is so beautiful! I love the stamp and the colors you chose to used to paint it!

  137. I love love love the way you created your blue border!! The main image goes perfectly and the colors are so delicate, like real china!!

  138. Very pretty!

  139. Very cool cards

  140. Cute card. Thanks for sharing!

  141. Such a beautiful card!! I love your coloring. The border is so pretty.

  142. Really love both the Misti and Power Poppy. Your card is really cute.

  143. Oh, Jeanne, what a darling card, and I love that you watercolored right in your MISTI! Wow! I love the new Creative Corners and use them a lot (they are more well behaved than those smaller magnets…hehe!). Your watercoloring of this darling image is beautiful, and I love the nice, crisp re-stamp after your coloring. What a fabulous “frame” with the sponging and the doodling! Hugs!

  144. Sweet as can be and I love how you did the border!

  145. Beautiful card! I’m totally new to stamping, so the misti would really come in handy.

  146. Great idea to watercolor then re-stamp the outline of the image again. Wonderful card.

  147. Loving your beautiful vintage card. The image is fabulous.

  148. Chris Coverston

    I just love this card . the little parakeet is so darn cute my have to buy that set . lovely coloring – great job.

  149. How very pretty.

  150. Debbie Anemaet

    I love your card, Jeanne! It’s adorable. Thanks for sharing with us.

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