Our Craft Lounge Sneak Peek Day 2!

I have some more peeks from the latest release at Our Craft Lounge!!!


This is just day two of the peeks! Friday will start the official release blog hop with yet another new set that I will be giving away! All comments between Wednesday’s peek post and Friday’s post count toward the blog candy so make sure and comment on my posts (and the other girls on the list below) each day!!!


I have two cards to show you today using Reindeer Games and Reindeer Puns:





 Here is a list of the retailers that carry Our Craft Lounge products: >https://www.blog2.ourcraftlounge.com/


Check out the other girls fabulous peeks!!!!


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Deborah Anton
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Heather McNally
Holly McMillen
Jeanne Streiff (you are here)
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Lori McAree
Michelle Fowler
Pam Hooten
Tammy Hershberger
Terri Thill



18 responses to “Our Craft Lounge Sneak Peek Day 2!

  1. Cute, cute. Especially the reindeer joke. It really ‘sleighed’ me. LOL

  2. wow! you have such a wonderful way …. love them both!

  3. YAY!! LOVE seeing these reindeer flying in action! What cute cards! Totally FABULOUS!

  4. CUTE!!! LOVE these little guys!

  5. Those are the cutest and funniest stamps. Love what you did with them. 🙂

  6. Great cards and such an adorable set!

  7. These are so cute. I love the jokes!

  8. Too cute. Love this set. It’s like when my kids were little and told me their silly jokes. LOL

  9. so cute! and the ‘reindeer food’ card is, too! what’s that sound? i think i hear jingle bells! time to get christmas cards ready! ~k

  10. These 2 cards really gave me a giggle! My son sprinkled reindeer food on our lawn one year. I know 2 kids who would love to do it this year! I love the ric-rac and the bling on the first card and I love the doodling around the edge of the second card.

  11. AWWWWW….those are both darling! Gorgeous cards.
    Hugs and smiles

  12. The reindeer are adorable & I really like the first one because it uses some of my favorite paper.

  13. This stamp set brings a smile to my face. Super cute!!!

  14. denise (peanutbee)

    Hehehe!!!….I just love these reindeer sets and the punny sentiments….they’re so FUNNN!!

  15. Robin (scrappintlc)

    These reindeer are so cute and the sayings crack me up.

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