HIP Hop!

Lots of fun at Hip Hop today!

We have card challenges and lots of games…and maybe a couple prizes today in the Hip Hop thread in the Unity Forum! Come hang with us!

Check out Angela’s blog for the full list of specials.

**UPDATE** A winner has been chosen! Congrats to jacquie/momofour26

This is the last stop on the hop so make sure you leave me a comment telling me what Unity Kits are on your wish list for a chance to win a surprise Unity Kit!

Today’s theme is baby so I thought I’d show you a baby picture of my dog Kringle. She’s 13 now and 100 lbs…


Have you seen the April KOTM yet? Oh yum!!!


My first card uses the April KOTM Fresh Beginnings:


My next card uses Floral Friends.


And here is my baby card using Little Sprout.


Here are the Prism papers that I used:


Prism papers: Simply Smooth White
Prism Prismatics: White, Black, Frosted Yellow, Iced Pink, Intense Amethyst


110 responses to “HIP Hop!

  1. I LOVE how you used the buttons/string on the little sprout card!

    I am really wanting to get You + me = happy – I fell in love and just haven’t had the chance to purchase it yet!

  2. I love your clean and simple style here. Your coloring is amazing. What an adorable photo of your dog.

  3. i just ADORE your cards:) they are so simple and clean…LOVE it!

    right now i would take ANY sets…all i have are the last two KOTM, gratitude=joy and birthday chic.

    i am easy, what can i say? LOL

  4. Those cards are beautiful!! On my wish list are Love Grows, Floral Friends, January & February KOTMs, Mix up of Cuteness, This is the Time large set and I am sure there are many more!

    Thanks for the opportunity – Love HIP HOP!

  5. I love your cards. Your dog is cute.

  6. The April KOM ROCKS! It is totally on my wish list! Along with Enjoy Your Story kit, the Endings and Beginnings kit, and the Tiny Giggle Grove set!

  7. Your cards are lovely Jeanne! I’ve got Beach days and Rays and rain and flowers on my wish list!

  8. Beautiful cards! I love the onesies on the clothes line! And your dog is adorable – 100 pounds!!! My 45 pound mutt is more than enough for me!

  9. I probably should have read all the directions so clearly stated in red πŸ™‚ I think that all of them are on my wish list right now πŸ˜‰ At the top of my list has to be Flirty Flowers and This is the time (haven’t decided which size yet – I think the bigger one!)

  10. Beautiful cards! My favorite is the middle one! I love it!

  11. Oh and my wish list includes…Journaling Belly, The Details, Hot Mama, Time for Travel, and Hullaballo.

  12. Cute cards Jeanne! Thanks for all the weekly challenges! Love them! One kit on my wishlist is Shine On! I’ve loved all the samples I’ve seen with it!

  13. Thanks for the HipHop inspiration and challenges, Jeanne! Too many on my wish list to tell you all of them, so I’ll just put down a few: Shine On, Gratitude=Joy, Tiny Trinity… there’s a start, lol!

  14. I love these cards!! What a cutie pup!
    I have the new ones on my list, floral friends and birdie inspiration!

  15. Hi Jeanne ~ I love your projects today. My wish list includes ~ Wild and Crazy Bunch, Floral Friends, and the Just my Type alphabet.

  16. on my wish list is beach days and sun rays, the new hot air balloon one and just buggin.

  17. Dogs Rule! What a cutie and I’m sure she fills your life with so much fun.

    Love your cards and the fact that simple can be awesome.

    My wish list includes Floral Friends and Spring in the Mail.

  18. Wow! Great cards!

  19. Ahh! What CUTE cards! And… sweet pup too! πŸ™‚

  20. Birthday Chic and Little Sprout are at the top of my wish list right now.
    Love the puppy pic!!

  21. Awww! Your furbaby is soooo cute! don’t you just LOVE puppies?? My sweetie is 8 years old and 70 lbs!

    Very pretty cards too!

  22. Duh! I should have read the instructions…..on my wish list is you + me = happy and the release from last week Birdie Inspiration! Love those kits!!

  23. Wow, Jeanne, your were busy making all of these fantastic cards! My Unity wish list is waaaay toooo long, but I can say that I would love to have…Birthday Chic and You + Me soon. Thanks for a fantastic blog hop!

  24. You know, Jeanne, I just love your blog! Your artwork is always spot on and are so beautiful to look at and you are so kind. Thank you for posting daily! I would love to have the new boy and girl stroller sets…they are SO cute!

  25. I would Love to have “Love in the air”

  26. What a fun hop seeing all those “babies”.

    My fave Unity stamps would have to be: the balloon from Love in the Air, the peacock from the Jan KOTM and the Mix of Cuteness set…mmm, cupcakes!

  27. I love your cards, they are gorgeous!! And your baby is adorable!!!

  28. Yippie for more furbabies!!!!!! I absolutly love your cards!!

  29. Well, I still haven’t got the large “this is the time”, so that’s probably on the top of my list right now.

  30. Your work is always stunning!!!

  31. Glad I’m not the only one that didn’t read all the instructions….I was in a hurry to get to the adorable puppy pic!!!!!!

    On my wish list are…so many…but at the top would be….Butterfly Beauty….Cocktail Party….and….Spring in the Mail

  32. I really love your cards. You do an amazing job. Thanks for sharing.

  33. I love those onesies on the clothesline…very cute and what you did with that dress form…so pretty! A few Unity sets on my wishlist are Mix up of Cuteness, Floral Friends, and I really like the March and April KOTM. Not to mention the feel the joy single! πŸ™‚

  34. Wonderful cards. You always do an amazing job

    Fun take on the baby photo too

  35. Forgot my wishlist…I have my eye on so many of the kits, but I think the Cuter than Most kit is at the top of the list.

  36. I forgot my wish list….

    Love the March kit of the month.

  37. I love what you did with those stamps on those cards! So perfect! And that puppy picture is to die for! My latest stamp crush is on Rain and Flowers (I think it’s called)…..I keep thinking of all the things I could do with the umbrellas! Ha! (Could use one in Seattle today πŸ™‚

  38. simply stunning as always! πŸ™‚ adorable dog!

  39. Love your cards as always they are beautiful. I love the little sprot kit so cute.

  40. What Unity Kits are on my wishlist??? Ummm…. all of them? : )
    I love Lily Pad Playland…. and, well… all of them!

  41. Fabulous cards. I LOVE the second one. It amazes me how a CAS card can be SO gorgeous! Mine sure aren’t. lol

    Kringle is adorable!!

  42. Cute cards and puppy! You inspire me with every creation. Your cards are amazing! I don’t have any of the Unity kits and I have been drooling over all of them, it is hard to decide a favorite but I guess the october kit (can’t remember the name) is one of my favorites. I have been thinking on joining the kit club. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome candy!

  43. Your cards are so sweet, and I love the pic of your fur-baby too!
    I adore this month’s kit! I think it’s my favorite so far!

  44. Love all the cards, and seeing all of your great work. Thanks for the inspiration.

  45. Shoot I forgot to tell you the kits on my wishlist.

    Rain and Flowers (have drooled over it before it was ever released.
    You + Me
    Love in the Air
    Shine On
    Owl Always Love you
    Flirty Flowers
    Growing in Unity
    Flowers Galore
    Beach Days and Sun Rays
    Floral Friends
    Birdie Inspiration

    Ok I will stop there. I have not been able to order in the last few weeks so my list keeps getting longer. lol Thanks for the chance!!

  46. Stephanie Eisele

    What a beautiful baby puppy.

  47. Wonderful cards! Adorable puppy!!!

  48. I forgot to say the kit that is on my wish list right now is floral friends!

  49. wow! 3 cards? we’re lucky today! Kringle is adorable as a puppy-hard to believe she was ever that little! I have a lot I’d love to get offhand Love is in the Air – love that hot air balloon, will probably have to wait until the end of the year though.

  50. Fresh beginning for sure is at the top of my list, Love the dress form then Owl Always Love you… … Great cards…

  51. Love your “baby’s” pic! Cute cards

  52. joy aka daiseyfreak

    FAB FAB FAB CARDS! Love it!

    and your pic, tooo cute!

    I would love to have some of the new cases! Oh and the stars background, and and and…..

    I love the set with the hot air balloon too!

  53. Super cute cards Jeanne!

  54. Oh my wishlist:
    Growing in Unity
    Shine On
    Cuter than Most
    Floral Fantastical
    Little Sprout
    and many many more.

  55. Great cards Jeanne – and your dog is adorable too.

    Lets see…wish list….um EVERYTHING, but the tops would be:
    Prego Bundle Pack
    Sweet Yumy Cupcake
    Shine on
    Little Buggers
    Rain & Flowers

  56. Jodi (jodinjaz)

    Your cards are SO AMAZING!!!! Some stamps on my wishlist right now would be the beach days one and simple pleasures. TFS!!!!!

  57. Super cute cards Jeanne!

    My wishlist:
    Gratitude = Joy
    Butterfly Beauty
    Endings and Beginnings
    Bitty Easter Blessings
    Everythings Simply Tiny
    Fun with four Inches!Little Borders


  58. Jodi (jodinjaz)

    AND I just had to tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE your puppy that is now 13 picture!!!! TOO CUTE!!!!

  59. Love your cards.. Each day they are such inspiration & perfection..

    I have three wishes from Unity right now.
    1) November KOTM

    2) Floral Fantastical

    3) A,B,C Handles for Unity Stamps

    I love their products… Thanks for the chance at more

  60. Love the cards!!! My wishlist – well I just made my first order and my stamps should get here tomorrow! But I already wish I would have gotten some journaling spots because so many of the designers have used them and they are awesome!! Can’t wait to play with my stuff this weekend!!

  61. Sorry hit submit before I got to list my wish list…

    So her it is:

    1. School rock Star
    2. Pixie Lane
    3. Carefree moments oak

    Love these!! Thanks for the fun blog hop and a chance to win some great stamps

  62. What a cute puppy and soon to be big dog!! Love him. Your cards are just wonderful as always. So creative and beautiful!

  63. silvia haynes

    I did forgot to mention what is on my wish list. Ummm….Everthing…LOL.
    On my wish list are Little Monsters, Wild and Crazy Bunch and both Baby Girl and Baby Boy Bundles.

  64. Your cards are great!

  65. Great cards. Okay my wish list is not very long but here they are:

    1.Jolly little winter
    2.Cuter than most
    3.Shine on
    4.Love in the air

    HIP HOP!!

  66. Fabulous cards, Jeanne! on my wish list is shine on, gratitude = joy and any of the kits of the month.

  67. Love your stuff!
    It’s hard to pick a favorite stamp set but Wild & Crazy bunch, and any of the KOTMs.

  68. OOPs, forgot to mention what’s on my list: Tiny Giggle Grove is at the top of my list, along with This is the Time (large), and the Alpha E Formal set just to top the list. πŸ™‚

  69. Your little sprout card is sooooooooooooooo cute!!! I like the purple and black one as well. I can;t wait to get my April kit LOL!

    My wishlist ….Baby Girl, Little Monsters, and Graditude = joy.

  70. I love seeing pics of others fur babies..
    Your cards are always very inspiring.

    My wish list:
    Rain & lflowers
    You + Me Shine One and KOM September.

  71. Your puppy is adorable. Love all your cards. I love the simple and clean look and of course the stamps. Thanks for this inspiring eye candy.

  72. Giggle Grove and the July KOTM have been on my wish list for awhile!!

    I love the baby clothes hanging on the line…what a cute idea for a card!

  73. There is only one main set on my wish list right now (because I pretty much have almost all of Unity’s stamps!). The past few months I’ve been making jewelry charms and I think that this kit would be ideal:

    UK-332A Everythings Simply Tiny

  74. Great cards. I am new to Unity, so I have lots of wishes. I like the Bubble Gum Tree and Tiny Giggle Grove. Jill S

  75. Ohhhh I LUV furbaby pictures!!!! She’s sooooo sweet!!!! And of course your cards are amazing!! I am in LOVE and can’t wait for this kit!!!!

  76. Love those clean look on the cards, lovely!

    I’ll have to say Love Builds a Home is a wonderful kit. Wow, I’m done hip hopping for the day!

  77. your dress form card is so pretty with the lace and the bling. I would LOVE to have any of the KOTMs but September, October and November have really caught my eye.

  78. Which kits AREN’T on my wishlist????

    Love the KOTMS, but I think the newest addition to my list would have to be Tanis’ me + you = happy Those turtles are adorable

    Love your cards Jeanne, the little sprout one is too cute

  79. Cute puppy- it’s amazing how they grow- my 5 pound pup is now 125lbs (ack!) I love your cards!!

    My Unity wishlist is:
    The new Baby Boy & Baby girl Bundles
    Amazing Me
    Alpha F Sassy
    or ANY KOTM

    Thanks for the inspiration & opportunity to win! Hip Hop!!

  80. Debbi Clouser

    Your Little Sprout card is amazing! Every card I’ve seen with that set is darling, so that is DEFINITELY on my wish list. Others include gratitude=joy, any of the trees, and me + you = happy. I actually love all the stamps and don’t have many yet. I’ve just become a member of KOTM and have received 2 kits – absolutely LOVE them!

  81. I love your cards! I want the Little Sprout set, Birdie Inspiration, and I could go on and on!

  82. Your cards always ROCK! And from another puppy momma – love that baby pic!!!

    Hmmmm…my Unity Wish list:
    Amazing Me
    This is the Time -LARGE
    Time for Travel
    Birthday Chic
    Floral Fantastical
    Snow-one like You
    Spunky Princess
    Fun with Four Inches! Little Borders
    Rain & Flowers
    Beach Days & Sun Rays
    Love Birdies
    Doo Dads

  83. Love that 13 yr-old “baby” of yours!

    Unity Wish List:

    Birdie Inspiration
    Floral Fantastical
    Love Birdies
    Rain & Flowers

  84. Your cards are so eye-catching, you’ve been busy. I didn’t know about Unity until last Fall–think I joined KOM in Nov. So I sit and drool over the trailer and the saying “Remember Happiness is a way of travel not a destination.” I wish it was a single. #2 would have to be one with owls—- “Owl always love you.”

  85. Great cards! Here’s my Unity Kit wish list:
    Enjoy Your Story kit b/c I love that tree and the sweet little deer
    Butterfly Beauty
    Feel The Joy
    Tiny Trinity
    Heartfelt Memories
    Itsy Bitsy Giggles
    Tea Time Toile
    Vicious Circle

    Wow, that’s a big list. πŸ™‚

  86. great cards Jeanne! I love all of the KOTM. I just joined and I may need to get a few older ones too!!

  87. Wonderful cards!!!

    On my list:
    Birthday Chic
    Sweet Yummy Cupcakes
    Cuter than Most
    Shine On
    Beach Days and Sun Rays

    and that is just a few!

  88. What cute cards. Love the clothes line with the onesies. I have my eye on the Little Bugger set.

  89. Adorable cards!

    I have several things on my wish list – Pixie Lane, you + me = happy, Growing in Unity just to name a few!

  90. So many… but on top of my ‘must haves’ is Love Ewe. Mom and baby sheep… sooooooo cute!!

    {crossing fingers} Denise

  91. What a cute puppy!! Your cards are marvelous, as always!

    My wish list of kits is long, but topped by Gratitude = Joy, you + me = happy, and Giggle Grove!


    My wishlist: Birds of a Feather; Growing in Unity; Birdy Inspiration; and I could go on and on and on and on . . . .
    Love your card with the onesies hanging up—so cute!

  93. Ohhhhh I am SO late today, my stinkin DSL went out all day but I am so glad I made it to the HOP. I want that puppy!!!!! Gorgeous cards as always!

  94. Oh sheesh I forgot to add my kits…Little Sprout, Giggle Grove but most oif all Butterfly beauty since the mobile I made last week only has one of the butterflies and I would love to have done with all of them πŸ™‚ Sheesh what a day I had.

  95. That puppy is just adorabe! I love your cards – simple & sweet!

  96. The onesies on the line is totally cute. And that pup is one you’d just have to take home!!!

  97. bugger I forgot to put in my kits wish list lol. They would be the following

    Alpha Worn PolkaDot
    Spring in the Mail
    Butterfly Beauty
    Wild and Crazy bunch
    Thinking about the Good Times
    Little Reminders
    It’s the little things

    I could make a much longer list, but I’ll leave room for other peoples posts lol

  98. i am LUSTING after Sept’s kotm- i will own it one day!!!!! such pretty creations!

  99. I would luv to own Aug 08 kit set. But the little Sprout set is beckoning moi! Your cards are simply gorgeous.

  100. Your cards are beautiful!
    I would love the you+me = happy. i LOVE turtles and have collected them since i was a kid! πŸ™‚

  101. Awesome cards…I like you+me=happy; gratitude=joy; and love grows…

  102. Beautiful cards! I really want the Shine On kit, but there are so many sets I would love to have, I would be really excited if I won anything!

  103. Mary Friederichsen

    Love your cards and your puppy is adorable!
    The next unity KOM on my wish list is Endings and Beginnings. I just signed up in march for KOM! Yeah, can’t wait!

  104. I love your doggie! and your cards are fabulous!

    My wish list includes
    Nov kotm
    Gratitude = Joy
    Butterfly Beauty
    Floral Fantastical


  105. Kringle is sooooo cute!!!

    Rain & Flowers and July’s kotm are on the top of my wishlist. =)

  106. These are stinkin CUTE!! love them!! Your the best!!

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