How about some more Blog Candy?

Rubbernecker Stamp Co. is announcing something exciting Tuesday morning so check back here for a clue to be able to play!

In the meantime, Dave at Rubbernecker has given me some goodies to pass along to you!!! Along with the stamps I have added some pretty Burgundy Satin and some pink grosgrain ribbon from my ribbon stash.

Here’s what you’ll get!


Since the prize is for a flower stamp I thought it would be fun for everyone to tell me what their favorite flower is. So please leave a comment (with your email address) on this post with you favorite flower to enter for the prize!!! I’ll be picking a random winner on Tuesday Jan 8th at 11:00 am CT.

135 responses to “How about some more Blog Candy?

  1. Blog candy rocks! My favourite flower is the tulip…they are such a happy flower!

  2. Oh, my…what beautiful blog candy! I love it! My favorite flower is…Lily of the Valley with Stargazer Lily and roses lastly. You didn’t ask for three though did you? Wanna here something neato though? I actually got some Lily of the Valley to grow in my backyard this last year! I’ve never been able to get it to grow in my area of Washington so I was thrilled!

    I love your blog and check on it regularly! :o)

  3. My fave flowers are gerbera daisies! Thanks for the awesome blog candy again!!

  4. Great stamps. I have two favorite flowers: peonies and stargazer lillies. I love to grow peonies, my current ones have moved 3 times with us. And I carried stargazer lillies in my wedding. Thanks for the chance.

  5. Lilacs, lilacs & more lilacs. My yard is full of lilac bushes. There is nothing better than spring in New England when the lilac bushes are in bloom and my yard and house are full of that lovely fragrance. So, what’s yours? Love your blog.

  6. my favorite flowers have to be lilacs and daffodils! thanks for a chance at some blog candy! and by the way, you’re an enabler! I placed an order at rubbernecker stamps after i visited with you the last time!

  7. My favorite flower is definitely a pink rose!!! Too bad they only last for a few days in a vase!!!!

    Awesome blog candy…..thanks!

  8. Pretty stamp set! My favorite flower is a lily.

  9. What a great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity to receive some great stuff! My favorite flower is the Daisy, they are clean and remind me of springtime, cause’ right now in Montana I am wishing for spring! Thanks! ~Marie
    [email protected]

  10. Sandy (sandy stamps on SCS)

    My favorites are wildflowers…especially columbines! I love to hike in the wildflowers when they are in season….
    Great Blog and love the tips that you provide! Thanks!

  11. Hmmm….that’s a tie between Gerber Daisies, Peonys, and Runuculas. This is a really pretty rose tho! You’re wearin down my resistance to ordering…..;)

  12. Thanks for offerring such awesome blog candy. My favorite flower is the baby carnation. Has been since I was a kid.

  13. great candy! I love the Double Delight Roses (I think there are other names too) basically the roses that have a darker color outline on them.

  14. Hi Jeanne. Although I really don’t like getting flowers because they die, if I could only pick one it would be roses. My real favorites are the variety bunches that are full of different colors and fragrances!

  15. Jacque (SCS: Petals)

    My favorite flower is the Calla Lily. I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to it, but it’s what we chose for our wedding flower. Only after the choice was made was I informed that this is typically a funeral flower. Oh well, we love it!

  16. Jacque (SCS: Petals)

    BTW, I was a bit slow keeping up with the banter last night on Gina K.’s forum, but your samples were really beautiful!

  17. Gorgeous stamps…fun blog candy too!!!

    Hmmm…my fav flowers are daisys and roses!

  18. my favorite flower is gerbera daisies…well..any daisy for that matter! thank you! i lov eyour blog and check it almost daily! happy stampin’!

  19. My fav is easy a ROSE!
    Since my middle name is Rose, I’ve always loved Roses! I love rose candles and rose scented perfum.

    A past boyfriend actually bought me a rose bush one time, but i do not have a green thumb and it died quickly!

    THanks for the chance to win!

  20. I love hydrangeas (especially when they are blue!) but I also love Daisies…so it’s a tie!

    Thanks for the fun chance at such a beautiful stamp!

  21. Thanks for the blog candy. My favorite flowers are gerbera daisies and tulips.

  22. Thank you very much for the chance to have a stamp. i think that I live in Spain and it wasn’t easy for you to send me but my favorite flower is: rose .. pink rose.
    Thank youa gain for all the ideas that you bring me with your blog
    Helena from Spain (Madrid)

  23. Gosh…I’m not a big flower fan in real life…just in stamps and die-cuts and whatnot. I guess if I had to pick one, it would be a carnation. I know people don’t like them, but I do. You’re always given one when you go somewhere for a luncheon. πŸ™‚

  24. I have over 200 daylilies in my garden (all colors) so guess you could say that is my favorite although I like all daisy type flowers.

    Thanks for the chance to win Blog Candy.

    Bev J.

  25. Gosh I love that rose stamp. And the sentiment. I pray I win them!! Thanks. I have so many favorite flowers but think I would have to say that I really love daffodils as they look so happy to me and signify rebirth. Thank you so much.
    Cheryl Sims

  26. Whoo Hoo more stuff to win! Thank you! I have 2 favorites

    In the Garden my favorite flower is the Japanese Iris.
    For cutting I love snapdragons their smell permeates the whole house it is wonderful!

  27. Oooh…favorite flower is hard for me because I love three equally…iris, carnation, and daffodils. My faves.

  28. Love Blog Candy! πŸ™‚ And I Lurve that Rubbernecker sentiment stamp! My favorite flower is the tulip! Thanks! Happy New Year!

  29. I love, love, love, roses! I have a really hard time remembering to take care of them when I get them, but I LOVE them!

  30. Hmm…fav flower? Wow…depends on the season and whether it is a cut stem or one from my garden! I love birds of paradise and gerbera daisies but I am also partial to amaryllis, lily of the valley and allysium! Cheers!

  31. I was gonna say the danelion, since I dont have to do much to get bazillions of them(I avoid weed killers as they are bad bad bad) but to grow, I like shasta daisies if I want lots of them (you simply cannot kill these) and for aroma, I love jasmine (and mine is probably dead since the new dog ate part of the plant)

  32. I absolutely love gerber daisies…especially the brightly coloured ones…they’re such a happy flower! πŸ™‚

  33. I just love flowers no matter which!!!!!!!!!!
    Tina x

  34. That is a gorgeous stamp!
    At the moment my favorite flower is hot pink roses!

  35. Count me in on this sweet candy rose. Love the ribbon too.
    My favorite flower is purple roses! They are so pretty and smell wonderful. Thanks for a chance.
    [email protected]

  36. I love ANY flowers really….if I had a ton of moolah, I would have flowers decorating every room of my home!! If I had to choose though, I’d say Peonies because they smell soooooo good!! Mmmm!!

  37. My favorite flowers are red roses. Simple, beautiful and fragrant. Thanks for the opportunity.

  38. My favorite is the bearded Iris, I just love them.
    [email protected]

  39. My favorite flower is a pink or peach colored rose…

  40. What great candy! Thanks for sharing. My favorite flowers are lilacs. The light purple ones, not the white or dark purple, though. I’m very particular. They remind me of my childhood, because we had bushes lining our house.

  41. Oooh…I just love FREESIAS! They’re usually most available in February, just when I need their delicious, spring-like scent. πŸ™‚

  42. My favorite flower is a stargazer lily! What fun blog candy!

  43. I love roses. When we bought our home, the previous owner had a wonderful rose garden which is still doing well.
    What a beautiful rose stamp!

  44. I would have to say that my favorite flower is a daisy. Thanks for the chance to win this great candy!

  45. I’m partial to black-eyed susans. When we lived in New York, they grew wild everywhere. I loved the rich yellow/gold of the petals and the brown fuzzy center. When I stamp, I love using Serene Sunflower and I aways use Summer Sun, More Mustard (stamped off once) and Chocolate Chip to create my sunflowers – they remind me of those black-eyed susans! So bummed that SU! retired it!

  46. My favorite flower is red roses. Although pink roses are a close second!

    Kerry Morgan

  47. I seem to be having a lot of luck with orchids at the moment. They are absolutele beautiful. I received a plant in the spring of last year and it is still blooming.

  48. Oh! My absolute favorite flower is the Gerbera Daisy. I had them at my wedding, my hubby used to give them to me when we were dating and I get them for my birthday every year!

  49. Being an avid gardener there are so many flowers that I love…but my most favorite above all is the Lilac. My most favorite scent in the world. I imagine that for me that is what heaven smells like!

  50. Danita (Moberkitty)

    Yippee, thanks for the candy! πŸ™‚ Hmmm…fave flower, huh? That’s a tuffie. For looks, I like the hydrangea – mostly the blue ones. But for smell, you just can’t beat a home-grown rose…none of those florists’ fridge roses either! It’s gotta have a heavenly fragrance!!
    Thanks again for the candy! Love your blog!!!

  51. Yummy blog candy! I love begonias.

    Linda C.
    [email protected]

  52. Hey Girlie, my favorite flower would be a tie between the Texas Blue Bonnet and a purple Pansy.

  53. Hmmm…. my favorite flower has to be… I’m thinking… Sunflowers! Who doesn’t like the bright yellow in sunflowers? You can’t help but smile!
    Thanks for sharing!
    [email protected]

  54. My favorite flower is an orchid. I have loved orchids for years….before they became popular. I wanted them for my wedding and they were so hard to come by that I had to get silk flowers and at that, I didn’t have a choice. Now, I grow many orchids in my house and I love their blooms that last for 5-6 months at a time!!

  55. My favorite flower is Cala lilys but I love the smell of lilacs !!!!!!!!!

  56. Oh, there are so many beautiful flowers! And I love them all!
    I suppose I would have to choose Southern Magnolia blossoms, even though they grow on a tree! I have such fond memories of them and my beloved Grandmother…. I dearly love roses too, and had way over 100 rose bushes when I lived in GA! They were gorgeous!
    Thank you for the wonderful offering, good luck everyone! πŸ˜€

  57. Oh my…what fun stuff to win! I’m not sure that I have a favorite flower. I have so many planted around the house and yard, but the common factor is that they are all vibrant in color at the peak of their bloom. I do love the new hybiscus (yellow flower) I have inside right now….it’s been blooming since I brought it in before the big freeze.

  58. Roses and gardenias are my favorites. I love the red color in roses and I love the fragrant in gardenias. Thanks for sharing.

  59. My favorite flower is the stargazer lily. I think they are beautiful and smell wonderful too.


  60. Thanks for this offer. I love any flowers with a pretty scent, but particularly sweet peas. They’re so delicate, but HAVE to be picked to encourage more flowers. Gorgeous colours too.

  61. Daises and Roses they are…and Red the roses, the better it is..
    Thanks for the wonderful candy!


  62. Sharon Batchelor

    Thanks for the chance to win some super blog candy. Now , my fav flowers . . . think it has to be daffodils, they’re so bright and cheerful


  63. I love the mixture of pink roses with white daisies. That combination makes me think of baby girls, a prom corsage, and bridal bouquet. Everything happy:)

  64. My favorite flower is the blue bearded iris, they are sooooo pretty. I do like all flowers too… they make everything beautiful. Thanks for the chance for the blog candy.

    Sharon King
    [email protected]

  65. Oh I really like those stamps!! My favorite flower is the iris. It was always my mom’s favorite and when she passed, I decided to take it on for my own. My DNQH (dear not quite hubby) always gets them for me. How sweet is he?

  66. My favorite flower is the purple iris…it was my sorority’s flower and it kinda stuck with me! Hard to find it in a stamp though! Love your work Jeanne!

  67. White lilies….love the smell! πŸ™‚

  68. CMC Mom in OH-Laura

    My favorite flower is the lilac! It smells so awesome on a breezy spring day! THanks for the chance at blog candy.

  69. I love lilacs. They are so pretty. Thank you for the chance!

  70. It’s hard to pick one! It’s a toss up between gerber daisy, roses and hydrangeas. (all three in my flower bed Ü)
    If I have to say just ONE to be entered, I will choose roses as each year for mother’s day, the boys buy me a rose bush.

  71. my flower is a rose …my middle name after my Grandmother who’s name was Rose…..this rose is gorgeous! Love your blog and your work and check it every AM !D

  72. Oh what a gorgeous flower stamp! I would LOVE to win this – it would be so much fun to color this flower with all different kinds of mediums. My favorite flower happens to be the gerber daisy – love the bright blooms from this flower!

  73. Heidi Karpen (Stamperdoc)

    Roses are red, violets are blue
    If I win the blog candy, I’ll make something new!

    Great contest- thanks for hosting it!

  74. My favorite flower is lilac. I love the fragrance!


  75. I love mini roses. I have two bushes in the front of my house that pop up in the prettiest red. When they start blooming DH will go out in the morning before work and cut me a small bunch of them, then put them in a vase and surprise me. Those are the first thing I see when I wake up is a sweet vase filled with beautiful red roses! I want him to plant some white ones and yellow ones too!

  76. If you know me at all you know how much I LOVE all flowers! They show up in my gallery so so often, and the real ones in my garden bring me MUCH joy! If I had to narrow it down to one, I would say LILY of the Valley. My DD who will be 28yo in May always has themn blooming on her birthday, and they also remind me of my beloved Nana Francie, whom I miss dearly. Thanks for the chance to win your candy and thanks for all your beautiful creations. I so appreciate your artistry.

  77. Great blog candy! My favorite flower is the Iris but Peonies are a close second. Thanks for the chance to win.

  78. My favorite flower to receive are roses—my husband even found some in lavender. I also love lilacs, purple, of course.

    Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy.

  79. What a wonderful card you created. So beautiful! I’d love to win these two stamps and ribbon. My favorite flower is the fuchsia…any variety. I love how they fill a hanging basket in the summertime.

  80. I have many favorite flowers, but I always look forward to the pansy…spring is on its way. Love you card.

  81. Lilly of The Valley! That is May’s flower. My mom used to have them in her yard and since they were only out for a short while, I’ve always considered them special.

  82. Katherine (Beadfreak22)

    What an awesome giveaway, Jeanne! My favorite flowers are tulips ~ yellow ones. They remind me of two of my favorite things: moms and springtime.

  83. I just love candy. This is great candy. Thank you for the chance to win and the card you made is beautiful.

  84. I carried peonies down the isle, so I love them… but hydrangeas are a close second… and orchids are lovely…. ah, flowers! So hard to choose a favorite!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. I LOVE the smell of peonies but my overall winner is a rose. (The card you made is incredible!)

  86. Gotta love that blog candy! Thanks, Jeanne & Dave @ Rubbernecker! My favorite flower is probably the lilac – especially the whitish/greenish ones. The fragrance is amazing and they are a reminder to me that spring and summer are on their way!

  87. That’s a lovely rose stamp. How great to have a chance to win it. My favorite flower is the daisy. It’s so cheerful and springy.

  88. A gardenia is my favorite flower. They are so pretty and smell incredible!!


  89. I love flowers — getting them, giving them, stamping them, coloring them, drawing them!!!!! My fav is the dogwood (is it really a flower or a tree? (from The American President). But it is fun to color with the darker edges!!! Thanks for giving me this chance to win your blog candy!!!
    Linda Bien
    Bedford Texas

  90. My favorite flower is whatever is blooming! Seriously, in spring I can’t get enough tulips and lilacs, and then my attention turns to hydrangeas, roses, dahlias… Today I’ll go with poinsettias since they are all looking so pretty in my house! But then again, it’s only a few more weeks until daffodils….

  91. I love your flowers! They are always so gorgeous. I think my favorite flower is the Hawaiian Hibiscus. I love all flowers but this one reminds me of sunshine and beaches which is so calming.

    Thanks for the chance at some wonderful stamps and ribbon!

  92. My absolute favorite flower is the freesia… it is so delicate looking. But, then, I love roses, too… and especially love what you did with this rose… beautiful card, Jeanne. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Julia Diane

  93. Beautiful stamps! I would have to say my favorite flower is the Daisy. My wedding was all blue gingham and daisies.

    Thanks, Jeanne!

  94. My favorite flower is the daisy..I hated it when Su retired Decorative daisies..oh well..loved my Christmas Blog it last week and it made my day! Thanks! Deidre

  95. I don’t have to think long about an answer: my favorite flower is … Hibiscus!

  96. I guess that I’m a bit old fashioned. My favorite flowers are daisies and pansies. But I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a flower that I don’t like. My stamp collection keeps blooming. Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous creations and for your generousity.

  97. What else! Pink roses!!! They can’t help but make me feel REALLY happy even when I’m having a blah day!

  98. My favorite flower is bearded iris. It might be because it’s one flower I seem to grow well in my garden!

  99. My favorite flower is the stargazer lily. I love the fresh and bright colors – so beautiful. I even named my baby love bird Lily after the flowers cause of her tropical colors.
    Thanks Jeanne for the chance to win candy – love reading your blog daily.
    Thanks Jeanne

  100. Wow!!! That card is beautiful!!!I love daisys but roses are my second!

  101. Wow, that is a pretty rose stamp–and my fave flower is a yellow/peach rose. That would look gorgeous on a card for Valentine’s day. Oooh, I can see me coloring it yellow with a hint of peach at the bottom now . . . *starry eyed* πŸ™‚

  102. My favorite flower is the Calla Lily. I think they are so elegant.

  103. I love tulips..white to be exact =)

  104. Hi Jeanne,
    I love all flowers, but the rose is my favorite. My birthday is in June, and my Grandmother was an amazing gardener, and every year for my birthday I received a beautiful, fragrant bouquet from her garden that was truly grown with love! The rose is my connection to my beloved Grandmother now.

    Thank you for sharing!

  105. Hello Jeanne,
    Don’t know if I can pick just one flower as a fav. Love them all! I’ve had tulips, daffodils, lilies, gerber daises, roses, paper whites, peonies, gardenias, pansies, geraniums, etc in my yard at one time or another. Love the scent and colors!!

  106. My favourite flowers are freesias – they smell heavenly.

    Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy.

    [email protected]

  107. My favorite flower is probably a magnolia blossom. I love the smell and I love magnolia trees–they made good climbing trees when I was a kid. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

    [email protected]

  108. My favorite flower is the gerber daisy. Your card is amazing and the stamp is so sweet!

  109. I have always loved Daffodils. They are among the first flowers to arrive in the springtime and they leave so soon you wish to see them just a little longer.

    Lucille :o)

  110. I have a really hard time choosing between hyacinths, lilacs and roses. Flowers are one of my favorite things so even narrowing it down to these 3 was difficult for me. Your sample card was gorgeous.

  111. My favorite flower is the zinna! Your card is beautiful!

  112. Jeanne, you’ve ’caused me to “alter” my favorite flower, after viewing your new Rose designed card; it’s beautiful.

    However, my very VERY favorite flower in the entire world, is a vibrant deep-purple Iris. There is a long story as to *why* (I won’t bore everyone haa) but it revolves around my Nanny (grandmother), who saved her pennies back in the early 1920’s, to send away to California, for a bulb (a root) of an Iris to start her own garden with. Now some 80++ years later, I have the great-great-great-GREAT-*GREAT* relative to that original bulb, planted in my front flower bed :0)

    With time comes more appreciation for my Nanny’s beloved Irises πŸ˜€

  113. I love yellow roses. My all time favorite. I grow them and once in awhile I’m lucky enough to get them as a gift. Would love to win this blog candy!
    Mary Puskar

  114. Wow, what a fantastic rose! It looks so real! Oh, the limitless ideas I have right now for coloring this beauty!

  115. I think my favorite flowers are tulips.

    What a cool giveaway!

  116. My favorite flower is the tulip..
    Thanks for the chance to win this great blog candy.

  117. My favorite flower is the Forget me Knot. Just don’t see those around much anymore… Thanks for letting me play!

  118. What a gorgeous rose card, Jeanne. I love lilacs, because they are both pretty and smell wonderful.

    [email protected]

  119. Fabo giveaway!!

    My favorite flower is the Gerbera…I love all colors!

  120. my favorite flower has always been yellow roses…love them since high school. sweet blog candy… gorgeous stamps
    karen m.

  121. I love peonies!

  122. My favorite flowers are pansies and violets….
    Love their colors!!!

    [email protected]

  123. Linda aka Dig This Stamper on SCS

    My favorite flower is Oleander even though it’s really a bush with beautiful bright pink flowers.
    Wonderful prize, Jeanne.

  124. mmmmm…. it’s a tie betwen yellow roses and irises πŸ™‚

  125. My favorite flowers are fake ones because I can’t kill them! I like the purple and white ones the best. ; )

  126. I have many favorites, like everyone else. My latest favorite, since going to teh Epcot Flower Festival is the Spider Flower. (I know, I can’t believe it – with that name!)

  127. Jessie/Knightrone

    My favourite flower would have to be the rose. White ones are my favorite, they are so beautiful an pure!! At a close second would be a lily, love them. Thanks for everything, your cards really inspire me!!
    [email protected]

  128. I have many favorites but if I had to pick one it would be the pansy….love the bright colors!!! TFS :o)

    Cindy Coffman
    [email protected]

  129. My favorite is the iris, close seconds are daffodils and tulips. I love spring flowers! Your clues on RubberNecker were fun!

  130. Whew, getting in just under the wire!!! Hands down, my favorite flower is the Peony! So big, beautiful and fragrant! Boo hoo, I live in Nebraska and cannot wait for spring!! Thanks for the chance at blog candy!

  131. Hey! I live in California and I have roses growing all year round! So naturally, I love them and use them whenever I can. πŸ™‚

  132. My all time favorite flower is a light pink rose. I love all pink flowers though.

  133. Had a little trouble with the treasure hunt. Made it to Apple Pie, think it is acrylic stamp blocks but there was no clue there. Then it said not able to display this page. Was acrylic blocks the answer? Dave emailed me to try this hunt since I placed an order to Rubberneckers this morning. Where did I go wrong?…Kathy

  134. Hi, love your blog!
    My favorite flower are dahlias the size of a huge saucer…they are SOOO beautiful.
    I love all flowers but dahlias are my all time
    God Bless

  135. Hope I am not too late to enter for blog candy, just found your blog, abit ago. I just love roses and would love that awesome stamp. Have a great day, Hugs n’ Stuff, Lynne

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